Literally the Best Day I've Had In Over A Year

Today, I competed in a very high intensity competition -- the Hybrid Games, a combination strongman / crossfit competition. And I won first place in the RX (as prescribed / top tier) division.

That's something to be very proud of to be certain. I am super proud. My competition was incredible, and I had to work harder than I've ever work to beat them. And in the end, I made new friends that I'm going to be seeing again in training and in completion soon.

But the important thing -- the thing I am absolutely most proud of -- is that the entire time, my mind was 100% on me and what I had to do.

Not one time from the moment I woke up until well after the competition was over did anything about anyone else or anything else in my life, past or present, pop into my head. No troubles. No misfortunes. No sadness. No anger. No strings of bad luck.

Just me, my breathing, and whatever spot in the wall I was staring at while doing my movements. It was incredible.

Lately, I've had issues with being distracted by thoughts of my ex-wife and an ex-girlfriend during workouts. The swirl of emotions given this time of year and what happened last year, contrasted  the sadness of something that ended for all intents and purposes, very well and very friendly.

"If they could see me now... They'd regret it."

I would push a little harder imagining they were watching. I would think through a huge cache of memories. My mind would be on them while my body was doing what it does. Eventually, I'd catch myself and force myself back into the moment and my own mind... But it's been hard. And even before the exes, before marital trouble and trying to figure out dating again, I've always had issues with my mind wandering and not being focused on the task at hand. I've always been able to work hard and get whatever I am doing done. But it's always been that much harder due to the constant noise in my brain.

 Today, though... It was amazing. I was 100% present and in the moment, fully, the entire day. Every event. Every lift. Every moment.

I haven't been that clear and present ever in my life. I didn't try to put anything out of my mind. There truly wasn't anything there to put out. I was clear. It was amazing.

After the competition, I had lunch with one of my best friends, Tiffany, who won the Female RX division. Then went and picked up the free shoes we won from Reebok. We then went to a benefit for a kid with cancer and made him smile. And that was amazing.

I went home and took a nap with my cats and my dog, then had dinner with another of my best friends, Colette, her boyfriend Sho, and another friend AJ, who was a total hoot.

I'm home now. And I can't stop smiling.

I just had literally the best day I've had in over a year. And I am so thankful for it. I am so happy right now. And I felt like sharing that.

I hope you have a day like this soon. You deserve it.