Free Copy of My Book For All Military Personnel for Veteran's Day

First and foremost, to all active and prior-duty service personnel: Thank you VERY much for your service.

As many of you who have been reading me for some time know,  I'm a big supporter of our nation's military personnel. I send books and care packages over whenever I can, and a fairly large contingent of my readership is made up of folks who put on boots for a living.

To that end, I'm offering a free digital copy of my latest book, Everyone Deserves To Know What I Think, to any active or prior duty military personnel. Simply email me or message me on Facebook or Twitter to get links to your free copy. Friends and family of military folks can also message on behalf of their serviceperson (and if you read it yourself, it won't hurt my feelings at all -- it is DRM-Free for a reason, and I don't mind sharing :P)

Now, I've gotten into this discussion a few times today: why, exactly, do I support our nation's military?

Well, some of you know that I have absolutely no particular like for our nation's government or some of the ridiculous engagements our military has been ordered to partake in.

But that has no bearing on my feelings on the men and women who serve.

I am personal friends with dozens of active and prior military personnel and find them all delightful. My father is a veteran and my grandfather was one, and are delightful. And literally thousands of my readers are all active or prior military -- and are delightful. That's why I support them. They're good, fine folks.

There's also the whole "facing being blown up by an IED so that bad guys don't fuck up my ability to get whatever size Starbucks I so choose every morning" thing.

And yes, I'm well aware that the military is abused and used by the government it serves to promote American hegemony worldwide. But those guys also killed Osama Bin Laden, who instructed bad people to kill two personal friends of mine in those towers on 9/11.

Our government involves itself in less than savory stuff. They use the military to do that. But the flip side is that when the shit goes down and our safety and way of life are threatened, there are men and women in camouflage and boots with guns standing between you and them. You don't have to like who put them there, and you don't have to like them personally. But you OWE them a fucking thank you for that, if that alone.

So yeah, free books for my military pals. Love you guys.