A Beautiful Moment On A Brisk Autumn Monday (Or, "Your Fly Is Open")

There she is, the cute CrossFit girl that's been hanging out in your local coffee shop. And she's standing at your table.

"Excuse me," she says.

You look up. And you realize, she is the very same cute CrossFit girl that you thought was cute when you walked in, and the very same cute CrossFit girl you thought was cute when you ordered your coffee just behind her, and the very same cute girl you thought was cute as you complimented her very rad pink Reebok Nano3 shoes, and the very same cute girl you made laugh out loud with a joke that asks how you know someone's into CrossFit (Answer: "Don't worry, they'll tell you.")

You smile as you look up at her. "Yeah?" you say with a smile.

Well now, look at you! Here you are, Mr. Hot Stuff, who got the cute girl's attention and kept it the entire time you've been sitting here working on your laptop and writing all the clever articles and blogging and Facebooking and Tweeting all the clever things you think of and sharing the drawings in your Note To Self sketchbook... Here you are, the irresistible guy who just won a CrossFit competition this weekend, who is looking quite dapper with his new physique! The one with the charm and the wit and the--

"Your fly is open."

...Well now.

"I saw you walk out of the restroom," she continues, "And I have this rule where I tell people things that I wish they'd tell me if it were me... And if it were me, I'd want to know my fly was down."

You have the same rule. And while you adhere to it, you've never met anyone, ever, who follows it themselves.

You smile. Not an embarrassed smile, but the same smile that the more good-natured folks featured on those prank shows have when they realize that they just got got, by a really clever prankster... And in this case, you got got by the universe -- the most clever prankster to ever exist.

"Thank you," you say.

She smiles. It's a cute smile. "You're very welcome," she replies. She turns to leave.

You look down, zip up, and shake your head. Then you see a card land on the table.

You look at the card. You look up at the person who just placed it there. She's smiling. It's not as confident a smile, but it certainly looks a lot like one. She's a little nervous. It's absolutely adorable.

"That's my box," she says, referring to her gym. "You should visit sometime."

You laugh. "I have a joke for that.”

“Save it,” she replies, her smile turning from nervous-but-looking-confident, back to confident. “Heard it before… Besides, you lost your witty retort privileges when you got caught with your fly down."

I smile. “I’ll drop in sometime,” you say.

“Do,” she says.

You share a gaze that lasts, give or take, about ten thousand seconds longer than your typical glance and smile. Or maybe just one. It all feels the same when it's happening.

She touches your shoulder as she leaves.

You look at the card. It’s for the gym down the street. And it has her personal number written on it with a smiley face. There’s an ‘i’ in her name and she wrote a heart for the dot.

You smile. There are now rules in place and situations which have changed that prevent you from following up on this, a beautiful moment. But it is indeed a beautiful moment.

And for that (and the fact that sometimes you are clumsy with your zipper), you are thankful.