That One Story

Note: For some reason, Tuesdays were "Poetry Days" on my blog for a while. I'm gonna resurrect that. Today, instead of a bunch of poems, I'm going to go with a longer free verse thing I wrote and read this weekend. It seemed to go over well. Hope you like it. 

I love a good story, especially when I get to live through it. So tell me any story you want. Tell me fairy tales and lullabies.

Just don't tell me that one story.

You can tell me the one where you're here to save me. I mean, don't get me wrong: I don't need saving. But it's sweet that you try. It's entertaining and even educational to see how you go about it. Motivational talks from any number of books you've read. Psychology 101 class-level breakdowns of why I feel the way I feel and act the way I act. And you'll be the princess that will flip the script and slay the dragons for a change. My heroine. My savior. Rescue me from the dungeons I already have the keys to.

Or tell me the story about how you'll fix me. You're here to help. You've got it all figured out. You can get me on a schedule and promote and produce all my stuff, all while healing pains caused a year, five years, ten years… Even thirty years before you even knew my name. You are a carpenter and a welder and a doctor. You've got the cure for what ails me. Man... I love that story. That's a good one.

Or how about the one where you're going to challenge me? You're my match. You've got my number. You've read my Wikipedia page and my blog and my articles and man, do you have me figured out. If I'm a player in the game of debate, you're the coach. You're going to be the lady that made the strong-willed controversial guy grind his teeth and clinch his fists and find you so irresistible. But you'll take it easy on me. And I'd thank you for that if I wasn't already bored, since I've literally written the book on everything you'd challenge me on and am on to nreBut it is fun to go back and visit old territory. So yes, let's hear that story!

Or the one where you're a pop culture junkie like me, or the one where you're an athlete like me, or the one where you love anime like I do, or any number of stories I've heard before. Or maybe you have a new one I haven't yet. Regale me with your tales! Entertain me with your epics! I love them all and can't wait to hear them. Again.

Just… Don't tell me the story where you're simply here to be here. Don't tell me the one where you accept me for who I am. Don't tell me you're content and happy. Tell me you love me all you want… But don't tell me you actually understand me.

I'll buy whatever line you want to sell me. I'll play whatever part you want me to. I'll listen to your story and I'll tut the page when I hear the bell and I'll clap and cry and cheer and yell all when you want me to.

But I cannot listen to that one story. Because while I Iove fairy tales and lullabies, I refuse to listen to lies.