Pre-Order Your Autographed Copy Of My New Book NOW!

You must pre-order your autographed copy of my new book right the hell now:

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That's a command. I'm totally not asking. Except I kinda am, because I can't make you do anything you don't want to do. But you should, and I'll tell you why:

Pre-ordering the book is how you get yourself an autographed copy! And what's more, I'm bringing back the old "Stick Figure" option -- that's right, for an extra buck, you get a custom stick figure drawn by yours truly! You also get a DRM-free PDF eBook copy of the book. Feel free to share it with your friends, upload it to The Pirate Bay, or print it out and shred it!

(NOTE: If you're coming to the pre-release event on Oct 4, you should buy your book at the store that night! Of course, you can pre-order too, I don't mind selling you two books :) )

But that's not all! If you want a sketch of something from the movie Akira (which I am an expert on, so it does make sense, I promise), I'll do it for a total price of $20.19 -- the year that Akira takes place! And if you want something from Ghost in The Shell (another film I'm an expert on), I'll do it for a total price of the year it takes place, $20.30! It's because I'm a nut, is why.

And if you're really feeling crazy and want a full-color drawing of whatever the hell you choose, I'll do those for $49.99. I'm limiting these to 10, however, because we all know I have an issue with time management.

Pre-orders are being accepted between Monday, September 23 and Sunday, October 6! So if you want your autographed copy with or without sketches and drawings, this is your window to order them.

On October 7, 2013, the book will be officially released through Amazon! The price will remain the same -- $14.95 for the paperback (and I'm sure Amazon will periodically discount it), and the Kindle version will be $5.99. However, If you buy a Paperback copy via Amazon, the price of the Kindle edition goes down to a whopping $1.99!

The offer of a DRM-free PDF will always be available.

There will be instructions in the paperback book on how to download the eBook. All you have to do is:

1) Find the code page in the book
2) Visit the address on the code page
3) Enter the code on the code page (which is "Pretty Please")
4) receive a DRM-free PDF of the book

And of course, if you don't buy the paperback and somehow stumble upon the page, you can just get a free copy without paying shit. Cause that's how I do things.

Lastly, there is an Early Release Party on Friday, Oct 4 2013, 7:00pm at A Cappella Books in Atlanta, GA. Link goes to the event page, complete with map. If you're on Facebook and plan to attend, PLEASE RSVP HERE. Otherwise, please email me and let me know. I need to provide a headcount. Also, if you're coming to the event, you should buy your book there! Preorders will begin shipping on the 7th.

After the reading and signing, refreshments will be served at The Wrecking Bar, which is within walking distance.

To summarize:

Official Release Date: Monday, Oct 7, 2013 (Paperback and Ebook)

Early Release Party: Friday, Oct 4 2013, 7:00pm at A Cappella Books in Atlanta, GA

Pre-order Paperback price: $14.95 -- All Pre-order copies come with DRM-free PDF eBook copy, emailed directly to you on the release date!

Pre-order with stick figure: $15.95
Pre-order with Akira drawing: $20.19
Pre-order with Ghost in The Shell drawing: $20.30
Pre-order with full-color drawing of whatever you want: $49.99

Kindle Price: $5.99

Kindle Price if you buy the paperback at Amazon.com: $1.99

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