You Can Learn A Lot From A Skinned Knee

You can learn a lot from a skinned knee.

  • You learn how not to fall.
  • You learn that falling is recoverable.
  • You learn that pain does not kill you.
  • You learn that you heal.
  • You learn that, despite being wounded, you aren't dead and can function.
  • You learn to cover the wound or your pants will stick to it.

You learn even more from a broken nose.

  • You learn how not to talk to a lady.
  • You learn how not to talk to a lady in front of her boyfriend.
  • You learn that getting hit hurts.
  • You learn to keep your hands up.
  • You learn how to move, sway and counter.
  • You learn what it's like to live ugly.
  • You learn that being ugly isn't the end of the world.
  • You learn that people are morbidly curious about carnage when it doesn't happen to them.
  • You learn that it doesn't matter how the other guy looks, you still have a broken nose.

Pain is an incredible teacher. The lessons are hard and intense. But they stick.