The Hot Shower Test

My friend Casey is a walking psychology book narrated by Louis CK. The guy is brilliant. I've posted a few pieces of wisdom he's imparted before. This one, I heard a long time ago from him, but it just became relevant this week.

Life can suck up one side and down the other from time to time. When it does, you might be tempted to think "This is rock bottom." The way you can tell if you've actually hit rock bottom:

Do you have a place to get a hot shower? If so, life isn't so bad.

Where there are hot showers, there is running water and either electric or gas (usually both). That means there's a roof over your head, at least for as long as that water is running.

You can get into that hot shower and, for at least a little while, feel how the water cascades down your face and neck. You can feel the warmth wash over the cold air that wants to cling to your skin. You can feel it trickle down your ribcage and over your leg. You get at least a moment of release. You also get to be clean.

And when you're in the midst of your misery, the last thing you really want is perspective, because it means you have no choice but to either accept it and do something about it, or pretend you don't have it and know you're lying to yourself. So this may be unwelcome at the time. But trust me -- getting a hot shower when you're going through hell is no small thing.