Steal Your Fun

"Have fun!"

Everyone says this when you leave for a trip, or head off on a journey, or otherwise announce you are doing something. Sometimes it's earnest. It's easy to accept that directive when you're headed to Aruba or Six Flags or the video game store.

Sometimes, it's sarcastic, like "Have fun..." And we groan and roll our eyes and dread the meeting or the interview or the boring whatever the hell we're about to do. Why not actually do what we were just told to do? Why not have fun? Maybe the place you're going is boring, or the people you are going to be with are uptight. Who cares?

Steal that shit.

Don't leave it in the hands of other people to have fun. If you're going to a family reunion and you hate the family you're reuniting with, play a game of how many tattoos you could possibly submit to a bad tattoo blog. If you're going to a boring party, before anyone can talk to you, make them spell a difficult word. If you're going to get chastised by your boss or parents, count the number of "um's" they say. When they reach a milestone (like every 10), cough. If they get to 100, excuse yourself to the bathroom and have a hearty laugh. If they won't let you have fun, shoplift it.

Don't take life too seriously. Nobody gets out of it alive. You have a very limited amount of time here, then you're gone. Forever. Don't let people spend up your seconds all willy-nilly. If they're going to be boring, give yourself permission to excuse your mind from participating in that particular chain gang of time-smashing.

Besides, smiling when everyone else is frowning is by itself immense fun. Everyone will wonder just what the hell you know that they don't.