Some More Of My Totally Not Poetry

It didn't totally suck last time, so here's more of the not-poetry I've been jotting on. Let me know what you think, but please Hammer, don't hurt me.

Also, I don't know why the fuck MC Hammer is in my head today. But he is. That's the only reason for the picture. He has nothing to do with any of this poetry crap. I am celebrating him anyway.


I could compliment how you look.
I could tell you that not even light can escape your raven hair.
I could tell you that the Earth itself is jealous of the color of your eyes.
I could tease that no apple ever grown could taste as sweet as your ruby lips.
But that's easy.
I'd rather explore than comment.
Give me a night,
Two mugs of coffee,
A jukebox playing standards and classics,
And hours upon hours of conversation.
Because nothing could ever look as sexy on you
As the smile that crawls across your lips
When we finally agree to disagree,
And nothing could come close to igniting my soul
As finally meeting my match.


I can promise you eternal love and emotional satisfaction.
All you have to do is be miserable for the rest of your life.
You'll make everyone else happy.
They will LOVE you.
They will NEED you.
They will WANT you.
Until there's no more of you left.


Tomorrow is a lovely word.
So full of possibility
Limitless potential
as you know
is unused power and promise
So for as long as you intend to do something
You'll always be just about to be great.

Today is a difficult word.
There's no wiggle room.
There's no potential.
There's no promise.
It's either happening or it isn't.

It's no wonder everything I do starts tomorrow.


What if you said yes where you always said no?
What if you allowed yourself to be vulnerable to someone just to see what they would do with that power?
What if you told the truth where you always lie?
What if you looked in the mirror into your own eyes, said "I love you" and meant it?
What if you accept a gift instead of just turning it down?
What if you accept a compliment instead of dismissing it?
Whats the worst that can happen?
You might hurt.
You might hurt a lot.
But hurting means you're alive.
And being alive means you get to heal.
And healing means you understand yourself a whole new way.

What if you knew yourself better than anyone else... And liked who you saw?


I could break you over my knee.
I could slam your face with my fist.
I could throw you through a wall.
I walk away, because you're not worth me losing myself.


Gnarled hands fumble at the mailbox
He always gets frustrated
The arthritis makes it difficult to even open the door and walk out
Much less check the mail
He finally catches the hook of the lid with his crooked index finger
The door creaks like metal on metal as he opens it
There it is
Days of waiting
And there it is
The letter
He smiles so hard his dentures almost fall out
He can barely contain himself
Much less the mail he tries to collect between his permanently half-clenched fists
He rushes to the house
Which is to say
He hobbles as quickly as his fused hip lets him
He almost ignores the dog as she greets him
Always eager to see her dad
He remembers his best friend
Through the haze of the excitement of finally getting the letter
He bends down and pats her on the head
"It came, girl! It's here!"
He plops the mail on the end table next to his favorite chair
He gently sits down
He grabs the letter
He tears it open
And then tears
She finally wrote him back
After twenty two years
His daughter finally wrote him back
She forgives him
She's married now
Two kids
She forgives him
She understands now
She never knew just how hard it had to have been to leave
She'd always been told he abandoned her
But the courts kept him away
And because he loved her
He wrote her every single day
Not one letter
Not even one
Reached her
Until her mother passed
Under the bed
In a box
Laid twenty two years
Next Wednesday
He will put on his best suit
He will pick up a stuffed rabbit for Hillary
His granddaughter
He will pick up a toy truck for Samuel
His grandson
He will pick up a bouquet of roses for Samantha
His daughter
He will attempt to unclench his right hand to shake Robert's
His son in law
And he will
For the first time in twenty two years
Be whole

He smiles so hard, his dentures actually do fall out.