Joe Does Spoken Word Crap (Video)

I believe that everyone has at least one secret thing they do for themselves that they tell no one about. Some people sneak a cigarette (or joint). Some knit. Some take two weeks and go someplace they've never been and climb a mountain and tell no one.

Until about 2 years ago, whenever I would travel, and had a free night, I would do spoken word poetry at open mics. I've done 10 or so since I started writing. As you saw in another post, I'm pretty shy about posting poetry, because poetry gets pretty emotional. I can write 20,000 words on just about any subject you want me to, but you ask me to open up and share a poem, and I start physically shaking.

So, doing the open mics was pretty much like therapy. The vibe in most places is VERY welcoming and open, so it's fun and I rarely if ever feel like I'm being judged. Given that I'm going through a pretty thorough reboot in my life, I felt like it might be fun to jump into it again, so I went to Java Monkey in Decatur and shared a piece I wrote.

Because it's my first time in a while, I went more for humor than for feelings and gushy stuff (I'm not exactly ready to go there yet, I might sob on the mic). Also, most poetry readings / slams consist of political, racial or gender related pieces that tend to skew on the angry and emotional side. I know Java Monkey does. So I decided to see what I could come up with to be angry about in society. This is what I went with (co-written with Jeremy Halvorsen):

Sorry about the audio quality from 0:32 to 1:00, it's iPhone video. I didn't think I'd actually be sharing this, but it went pretty well so I decided I'd be brave (again) and do so. Very very very special thanks to my amazing friend Colette Bennett for shooting it!

If you guys like this stuff, I may start posting more of it. I'd love to know what you think!