Back To Basics

My life has gotten sloppy. I've lost a lot. I've let go of some of the things that made me, me. So I've busted myself down to the very basics:

  • I have a responsibility to the people who read what I write, to bring them what they've come to rely on from me. I have the honor of being read. I have a responsibility to keep making things for people to read.
  • I have a responsibility to the young folks in this world who need someone to set a tone of honesty, directness and openness when it comes to discussing life. I owe it to them to let them know that it doesn't matter if you fit in, or if people like you, or if the odds are against you -- you can do ANYTHING you decide you want to do, and it's going to be hard as hell every step of the way… And completely worth it.
  • I have a responsibility to myself to be fit and to fuel my body with the best possible foods and nutrition. Physical strength leads to mental strength, which leads to emotional strength.
  • I have a responsibility to my friends to earn the energy, time and support they've given me. In the past two years, I've experienced an amazing growth due to cutting bad relationships out of my life and forming real, equal friendships with some amazing people. Those amazing people have been by my side and helped me through the past 10 months of hardship. I owe it to them to earn what they've given me.

I have responsibilities. And I can't fulfill any of them by sitting on my fucking couch in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia (well, technically I can write while on my couch, but like, whatever. Shut up, okay).

Time to get to work.