The Truth About The Truth

The truth is not your friend. It's not there to help you and guide you to a better life. It's not going to greet you at the door with flowers when you decide to face it.

It's also not your enemy. It's not trying to tear you down or punish you. It isn't malicious or evil.

The truth is agnostic to your happiness and/or pain. It doesn't care. That's because it doesn't like or hate you. It's just here to do its job.

And that job? The truth is Reality's enforcer. It will ask you nicely to listen. When you don't, it will smile, nod, kick your teeth in. And It will keep escalating until you finally pay attention, no matter how much blood it has to draw or who gets hurt in the process.

It's natural to want to think the truth (and its boss, Reality) is a sadist; that it gets off on hurting you. But that's not even remotely true. If yoi keep getting beat up by the truth, you're actually just a masochist.

Don't feel bad though. We all do it. That's what being human is all about: thinking we are smarter and better and more agile than reality. But we aren't. Eventually, reality gets sick of your grandstanding and sends it's goon, the truth, to teach you a lesson.

Ignore it, and you will feel pain. But if you listen, it will help you. Because it's only role is to show you the rules. And once you know those, you can actually play fair.

Not to say you'll win. Again, the truth isn't your buddy either. But both the good and bad news is that it's fair. And that's something.

...Still hurts like a motherfucker though.