Stuck in the mud

Knowing that you are in the middle of something that hurts, which won't be over for a while, has its value. You shouldn't wallow in the pain like a pig in mud, but don't try to sprint through the mud the nearest shower to wash it all off either. You'll just tire yourself out.

It's pain, dummy. It's supposed to hurt.

Welcome to existing in the moment. Being aware of the self. Being in the experience and feeling it.

The only way out of it is through. Trudge on. Get to the other side. Try to learn something along the way to make it all worth going through (which is another reason not to rush to distractions, escapism and absolutes - when you do, you remove the possibility of learning a lesson and experiencing personal growth, which means the time you spent in pain - while shorter - was worth nothing, and you run the risk of ending up right back in the same pain again).