Zombie Emotions

Everyone experiences emotions. No one is immune. We like to think we are... But we're not. We get scared. We panic. We love. We hate. We admire. We lust. We're human beings. We feel, and that's not a bad thing. The problem is, people just don't know how to handle them. So they try to suppress them, or worse, kill them off. 

And that's the problem. Emotions do not die. You cannot drown them in alcohol. You cannot shoot them down with thoughts. When you bury them, they turn into zombies -- they come back uglier and harder to handle, and the longer you bury them, the uglier and meaner they are. And they're nearly impossible to handle in large groups. 

You cannot help how you feel. All you can control is how you behave. So allow yourself to feel what you're feeling, lest they come back and eat you alive.