When You're Done With Someone / Something...

Just walk away.

If you're done, you're done. Anything less than simply leaving is posturing, presumably either for show (see: Moral High Ground Attention Whoring) or mental masturbation. In any case, at any point in life, if you're not willing to fix what's wrong (in this case, by leaving), you're posturing.

The opposite of crazy is not sane, it's still crazy. Casting yourself as a victim or a hero in a situation that's unhealthy for you is just as unhealthy as staying in that situation. Trading misery for attention is the worst kind of sad, because it wears off and eventually you find yourself putting your misery on display again and again for a fix of that attention.

  • Announce on Twitter or Facebook how you're done with Twitter or Facebook.
  • Play the Moral High Ground Attention Whore by lambbasting someone over their posts and how racist/insensitive/whatever they were, then block them. Just block them. 
  • Continually ask your former coworkers about the state of things at your previous job, then puff your chest out at how right you were/are. 
  • Threaten to leave your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend. Just go.
  • Warn.
  • Warn again. 
  • Give a "final" warning.

  • Leave.
  • End it.
  • Move on.

(Some might think I am being unfair about not giving warning. If you're truly done, whatever could be said has either already been said or will be irrelevant to the situation, so why waste your breath and the time it takes to figure out you're still done with it? Why threaten? Why put on a show? )

A saying I abuse constantly, because it's so goddamn relevant to so many things in my life, is one I've paraphrased from Dave Sim, who paraphrased Alan Moore:
When you find out you've been standing in shit, don't stomp on it to punish it, just scrape as much off your shoe as you can and walk away. 

Just. Walk. Away. And then, stay gone.