Taking Other People's Shit

Today's Note To Self (wait, you don't read my notes to self? What the hell... Come on, now, you're missing out!) is something I want to expand on: "If you take other people's shit for too long, you become full of it yourself." 

You complain about your job, or your spouse, or your roommate... And it's not just venting, you seriously say how badly you want to leave. You fantasize about leaving or telling them to leave you... Oh, the freedom! Oh, the peace!

And yet, here you are again, complaining about the shit they give you. Little do you know, it's filled you up to the point you're full of shit yourself. You SAY you want to leave -- why don't you? You SAY you want them gone -- why aren't they? 

The truth is, you're scared to leave. Or, you're in it for something you can't do without (money, sex, whatever). Or, you're afraid to be alone. Or any number of reasons, all of which amount to you're full of shit. You're lying to yourself. You're not telling the truth about why you're still around, because you've decided the sound of your own voice threatening to leave is enough to get you by.

If you really can't stand what's happening to you, make it stop happening to you. 

If someone holds a lit match to your skin, do you not flinch and slap it away? If someone is headed straight for your car at 50 miles an hour, do you not swerve out of the way? Then why are you still working at that job where the manager yells at you? Or dating that girl who hates all your friends and complains about you? Or married to that guy that cheated on you? Or overeating, or drinking alcohol to excess, or whatever it is you supposedly hate? 

Come to terms with the fact that you're happy where you're at and shut up, or leave and shut up. Talking incessantly about change does nothing but deafen you to listening to your heart to find out the real source of your issues.