Just Some Thoughts On Abortion And Welfare...

I try really hard not to get political on my blog, but sometimes I just can't help it.

I argued with a man for 20 minutes this afternoon about abortion rights and welfare. I won't even bother recapping it, as it was RIDICULOUS. My point boils down to this:

If you feel that a woman should have a child, regardless of whether or not she's ready or able to afford it, you should support welfare. You're advocating the law prohibit a means of avoiding taking on the responsibility of a family without being able to afford it, so it's on you.

If you expect people to behave responsibly and live within their means, only taking on expenses they can afford, you should support a woman's right to have an abortion at her discretion. You are advocating every person be responsible for their lifestyle and live within their means, so you should be okay with the decision not to bring a life into the world that one cannot afford to raise.

From a purely "This must be law" standpoint, it's one or the other. To say "Women cannot have an abortion, even if they can't afford the child -- so say we," and then you say "Oh, and also, the government -- which mandated she have the child in the first place -- takes no responsibility in helping families who can't afford to maintain a bare minimum of living standards without help."

That's called bullshit, my friends.

And before you go all "abstinence" on me, if a woman is raped or cannot afford conception, the argument "she shouldn't have sex" is null and void. There are conditions by which a woman can get pregnant that don't add up to simple desire. Also, adoption is no guarantee that the child will be raised well, it's a wildcard at best... Not to mention you're dictating what must happen to a woman and her body without being that woman and having that body, which is just disgusting.

And lastly, no, I do not think it's actually an "either/or" argument, my point is not to advocate policy, my point is to point out the hypocrisy in dictating both of those laws. If you're going to put someone in a position, legally, that they really should have the freedom to choose to be in, you have to take responsibility for doing that to them.

That's all for today.


As @BreeBrouwer on Twitter said: "Sure! Most of those people believe in life, but fail to recognize QUALITY of said life."

I couldn't have possibly said better myself.