Fuck Everything.

Fuck you.

That's right, you. Reading this. Fuck you. Fuck your expectations, fuck your opinions, fuck your reaction to being told "Fuck you."

Fuck your tastes in authors, writers, bloggers and books. Fuck the games, music, movies, comics, anime, magazines, fanzines, and even pamphlets you like. Fuck every great thing you think you've read, regardless of format. Fuck blogs that turn into books. Fuck the people who write them. Fuck the publishers who publish that mindless drivel. Fuck the sheep who buy such obvious attempts at cash grabs.

Fuck blogs, period.

Fuck today's comics. Fuck digital publishing that charges the same price as cover. Fuck every single panel having to be some stage for fine art. Fuck these new artists who do graphic novels with the hopes of selling the movie rights. Fuck "Sequential Art" classes in art schools. Fuck your portfolio.

Fuck today's music. Fuck bleeps and borps of 8-bit chiptune sounds. Fuck autotune. Fuck popstars. Fuck "Rap". Fuck Koren pop, Japanese pop, Chinese pop, UK pop, Antarctic pop and everything in between.

Fuck politics. Fuck faking feelings in order to woo people's vote. Fuck the people who smile into cameras and convince the dumb among us they're sincere, and give the less dumb among us enough material to Facebook and Tweet about.

Fuck Facebook, Twitter, Google+, instant messaging, texting and everything else that gives us the semblance of relationship without all that pesky human interaction. Fuck your addiction to posting your opinion thinking everyone else cares. Fuck your addition to everyone else's posts so that you can react to them. Fuck your addiction to reaction. Fuck your need for instant stimulation. Fuck attention whores. Fuck validation junkies. Fuck people who beg for acceptance.

Fuck gaming. Fuck gamers. Fuck "achievements" that get you nowhere in life with nothing to show for it. Fuck MMOs, FPSs, TBSs and RTSs. Fuck XBox Live. Fuck Playstation Network. Fuck social time wasting. Fuck DSs, PSPs, iPods, iPads and iPhones and other handheld babysitters that negate parenting and reinforce infinite feedback loops of uselessness.

Fuck dieting. Fuck obsessing about weight. Fuck being vain. Fuck daily gym routines. Fuck max bench pressing. Fuck squat thrusting. Fuck burpees. Fuck the treadmill. Fuck checking in at the gym on your social networks. Fuck announcing what songs you're listening to while there. Fuck posting your weigh in, run mileage and photos of how much you lifted.

Fuck being fat. Fuck eating your feelings. Fuck Dollar Menus. Fuck Super Sizing. Fuck every "box" meal from every fast food restaurant. Fuck Dorito-flavored everything. Fuck showing skinny fake ass models on TV selling beefless burgers with barbeque and fried things on it that will ensure you can never be a skinny fake-ass model. Fuck your lack of self control. Fuck your lack of self esteem. Fuck your lack of self. Fuck you for making your kids fat.

Fuck ADD, ADHD, Aspergers, Autism, Borderline, Bipolar, Caffeine-related disorder, Depression, Exhibitionism, Factitious Disorder, Seasonal Affective Disorder, Generalized anxiety disorder, Hypochondria, Impulse Control Disorder, Kleptomania, Manic Disorder, Night Terrors, OCD, Post-Traumatic Embitterment Disorder (yep, that's a thing), Reactive Attachment Disorder, Social Phobia and every other over-diagnosed (and usually self-diagnosed) thing people claim to have in chat rooms for attention, which could be fixed with a stiff drink, running a mile and a slap to the face.

Fuck pessimism. Fuck hating everything to feel superior to everyone. Fuck venting. Fuck holier-than-thou attitudes. Fuck this bullshit. Fuck you. Fuck me. Fuck "Fuck everything."

I'm going to get a fucking cup of coffee.