Today Is "Don't Let People Pull Out In Traffic In Front Of You While Exiting Chick-Fil-A Day"

Today is supposedly "Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day" as declared by Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum, the two candidates for President that God apparently chose. Neither are in office. That tells me all I need to know about God's supposed choices.

At any rate, I've written before about Chick-Fil-A and their anti gay marriage agenda. I relented on my stance of not patronizing them, because a lot of the financials for the support of anti gay marriage groups were proven to be murky, and also because quite a few of my homosexual friends told me "Dude, it's ok. Get yourself some chicken. We won't be mad."

Chick-Fil-A financially supporting Winshape Foundation, which in turn supports Focus on the Family, is excusable because Winshape also helps underprivileged kids get a college education and spend summers someplace besides the street. It can be argued that Chick-Fil-A funneling cash to Winshape is NOT a vote against same-sex marriage, it's just a link in a financial chain that ends up going that way.

Well, things changed when Dan Cathy himself came out and stated very plainly that Chick-Fil-A is a company run on "Biblical values" and does not support gay marriage. When asked about the company's position as being against gay marriage, he answered "Guilty as charged." I cannot let this go (and if you're wondering if I chose the statement "Dan Cathy himself came out" to link to the article on purpose... Guilty as charged).

A lot of people have decided to turn the issue into a free speech issue. That's fucking retarded. This isn't an issue of whether or not someone's free to say they support gay marriage or not. It's an issue of supporting a company whose owners publicly state they do not support gay marriage. It's about giving money to the organization in exchange for their goods, thus keeping them in business, thus building their profit base, thus enabling them to financially back things which I don't agree with.

I found this video to be quite amazing at nailing the situation down and explaining the issues, as well as my thoughts on what it means to do ANYTHING according to "Biblical values":

I have a lot of gay friends. I have several who wish they could marry their longtime partners legally. I think it's ridiculous that they cannot.

From this post I wrote in May:
Two men or two women decide to tie the knot. What happens? Why are religious people and Republicans (usually one in the same) so up in arms about it?

To try to wrap my head around it, I've analyzed it step by step and see what effect it has on you (or anyone who isn't them).

1) They love each other. They have found another person on this planet -- a planet housing nearly 7 billion (that's 7,000,000,000) people -- that they not only get along with, that they not only feel emotions toward, that they not only share a bond with, but that they feel safe around and unified with. They love each other. Just like you love your spouse, fiancee, or significant other.
Who does this affect? Their friends, who are happy for them. Their family, who (we hope) support them.
Does this impact your daily life? No.
What should you do about it? Mind your own fucking business.

2) They exchange vows. They promise to love, honor, protect and support one another.
Who does this affect? The caterer, the event planner, the hosts, and the attendees.
Does this impact your daily life? No.
What should you do about it? Mind your own fucking business.

3) They hand each other rings. They place a band of metal (or string or what have you) on each others' hands as an external symbol that they are in a monogamous relationship with another person.
Who does this affect? The jeweler. They've made a little money.
Does this impact your daily life? Well, are you the jeweler? No? Then no.
What should you do about it? Mind your own fucking business.

4) They consummate the marriage. However they see fit.
Who does this affect? Unless they're particularly loud about it and you're in the next room, no one except them.
Does this impact your daily life? It shouldn't. If it does, you're overly concerned about the private lives of other people and seriously, seriously, SERIOUSLY need a hobby that isn't counting rosary.
What should you do about it? Mind your own fucking business.

5) They live together. They decorate their home. They watch television or listen to the radio or knit or play video games. They cook food. They eat. 
Who does this affect? Retail outlets in the community who benefit from increased domestic goods sales (because, let's face it, couples consume more than individuals in just about every regard).
Does this impact your daily life? If you work at a retail outlet where they shop, sure. 
What should you do about it? Mind your own fucking business.

6) They share benefits. House, insurance, 401k, cars. Just like a man and a woman would.
Who does this affect? No one that isn't already affected by the union of a man and a woman.
Does this impact your daily life? Are you impacted by marriage by a man and a woman in the same way? Then yes, and you should seek to abolish all marriage. Otherwise, no.
What should you do about it? Mind your own fucking business.

I don't think this is a free speech matter. In fact, I don't even think it's a religious or political matter. I think it's a matter of supporting a business with money that is run with certain values you agree or disagree with. I disagree with them, so I won't be giving my money to them.

I can't change anyone else. Those who wish to attend Santorum and Huckabee's Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day are well within their rights to support a business that reflects their values, and I'm not going to change their minds.

But I can take note of the license plate numbers of everyone in line and never, ever let them pull out in front of me in traffic at every Chick-Fil-A near my house ever again.