My Favorite Star Wars Drawing Ever (Or, "Help A Ten Year Old Artist Get To Dragon*Con")

I got the coolest envelope containing the coolest art today. 

A Facebook friend of mine, Christopher LeBeau, has a son. He is a young artist named Jacob LeBeau. Jacob is 10 years old. He wants to go to his first Dragon*Con this year, and he wants to pay for it himself. 

He's seen his father listing art online for sale, and so he decided to do the same. So I decided to help him out. I bought one of his pieces. I like Star Wars, and Jacob drew the coolest montage of a biker scout and two Imperial Guard troops in front of the Death Star, which he offered as a color print: 

So, $4.00 and a week later, I received this envelope in the mail. I didn't expect all the hand-drawn art on the envelope! On the front was, of course, a Peacock:

And on the back, my favorite original drawing I've bought this year by far of Calvin and Hobbes:

And there it was, my own print of his fantastic Star Wars montage:

I think everyone should own a custom print by Jacob. At $4.00, they're a steal. And you'll be helping a young artist get to his first big convention. 

Some choice selections: 

Calvin and Hobbes Wagon Ride:

MC Chris

The Punisher:

The Tick: 

So, which one will you buy to help Jacob get to Dragon*Con?