If You're Boycotting Oreos, You're Kind Of A Fucking Retard

I swear to God, every day I wake up and think "Man... I have no idea what I'm going to write about today..." Boom. Fate drops some shit in my lap and the fundamental Right gets up in arms about gays again. So yes, here's yet another "Joe defends them damn gays" post. If that bothers you, go ahead and close the browser window now.

And there goes the vast majority of my family...

Anyway. This whole Oreo cookie boycott thing is sad. Not that there are people who are boycotting the cookies. That's not really sad. I've been not eating cookies for a while now, as a dietary choice. It's hardly made a dent in Nabisco's overall profit/loss report. No biggie.

The sad things, in order:

1) That there are people think that a national boycott of a cookie is going to stem the rising tide of support for something that more and more people are beginning to understand isn't going away (because homosexuality isn't a choice, it's something you're born being -- like left-handedness and race and the color of your hair... All things that the religious folks of times past have persecuted people for)

2) That there are people who actually have enough of an opinion on what happens behind closed doors that doesn't affect them to actually boycott a cookie (seriously, a fucking cookie! IT'S A COOKIE!)

3) That this conversation is even happening right now.

If you're seriously sitting there in your home or at work and you're thinking "Man, it's a shame that Nabisco came out with an ad in support of Gay Pride, because I really do love Oreos and now my closed-mindedness is going to deprive me of a treat I enjoy because I can't eat a cookie from a company that doesn't hate them there homos," you're a fucking retard.

Look, it's simple: I respect everyone's right to believe whatever the hell it is they want to believe. I don't actually care. This is why I stay away from atheist vs. theist discussions and all things associated with them... Because they don't matter. They change nothing. You will believe what you believe; I will believe what I believe. With any luck, both of us will use fact and research whenever available to hone, shape and enhance our beliefs.

However, when your beliefs hurt someone else, FUCK YOUR BELIEFS.

The end.