Close The Browser.

Quit stalking the ex. Don't read the press releases from your old job. Don't subscribe to his Twitter. Don't friend her on Facebook. Don't call your friends who still work there. Don't email him about her or her about him.

Close the browser window. Hang up the phone (better yet, turn the thing off so you don't get the call in the first place... Or run the Facebook app or Twitter app or read their Tumblr or get alerts on their activities or read the texts). Don't drive by the old haunt.

There's enough pain out there. Enough of it has your name on it. Don't go creating more. Do something else instead.

  • Instead of driving by there (wherever there is), drive to the gym.
  • Instead of reading his Facebook page, read a book.
  • Instead of keeping up with the old job, interview for a new one (or start your own company -- it's actually not that hard).
  • Instead of Tweeting about her, write it down on paper, find a meter (iambic pentameter being my favorite) and turn it into poetry.
  • Instead of staring at her picture, paint one.

When you're already hurting, don't punch yourself in the face. Attack the world. With gusto.