Back To The Drawing Board (Literally)

Update: Jesus christ, you guys! The post has only been live 30 mins and there's already 28 signups! You people must really love bad art!! Thank you!! 

*   *   *

I am restarting my $3 dollar sketches. I haven't drawn regularly in too long. When I started that idea, it ended up being the perfect impetus to get a pencil in my hand and get to drawing. I spent an hour (or more) every morning drawing something -- anything -- and it was AWESOME (To see a bunch of my crap, visit my Flickr page).

There is a joy in establishing a commitment, then meeting it. The fact that the sketches are only $3 means hey, they may be black and white, they may be in color. They may be head sketches, figure sketches, or if I get bold, full color. I've got the latitude to do whatever I want. I loved it.

Then, I got lazy. I need to not be lazy. My friend Casey suggested I start doing the sketches again, So I'm going to. But there will be a calendar this time -- the last time I did this, I limited it to 20 and it sold out in three hours.

Three. Hours.

It was ridiculous. So I opened it up to 50, and that sold out in three days. Apparently, a lot of people whom had never seen me draw ever before in the history of ever were interested in seeing just what the hell would come from a writer who decided to play artist.

I will be starting a Google Calendar for all of these, and will do one a day. When you sign up, I'll add you to the calendar. This doesn't mean you'll necessarily have to wait as long as indicated on the calendar, you may get yours much earlier.

I'll draw these in the order I receive them, but not before I finish the list of folks that I still owe drawings to. They are the first priority. If I still owe you a drawing, please email me and make sure you're on my list. I don't want to skip or miss anyone.

If you would like one, the line starts here.

If you really need a button, here it is:

$3 dollar sketch

I need to know what you want:

Here are some others I've done: