Addendum: More Broken (And Still Broken)

Sunday, I went into a bit of a rant about "broken" processes at Comcast. There are quite a few. The post ended with the internet turning back on and me summarizing all that could be more efficient.

Turns out, the internet was not actually fixed when it came back on Sunday. And having grown to be a wise and jaded jerk when it comes to big companies, I didn't cancel my appointment to have it fixed. And that's a good thing, because I'm chewing through my cellular data hotspot plan like crazy. And really, that's not the point. I don't think you guys find it particularly interesting when I do or do not have internet access.

What I do want to mention are the calls I got last night and this afternoon. Both the same call, from the same robot, asking if I want to confirm my appointment or cancel it. Both times, they say "To cancel, press 1. To confirm, press 2."

BROKEN. On purpose, this time. They have to know that, in 2012, we've all been trained to immediately stab at the button marked "1" the second we're asked a question -- "For English, press 1." "To continue, press 1." "If you are calling to make an appointment, press 1."

In fact, if you're anything like me, you've hit "1" as an automatic response the second you hear someone's voicemail message to skip it and leave your message (and if you're really like me, you get enraged when you can't).

During the first call, I was careful. I even smiled a little, nodding toward their craftiness. But on the second call, I was in a hurry and found myself hitting "1" as an automatic response just to get the call over with. I accidentally cancelled my call. I had to call immediately and have the office uncancel my cancel.

Congratulations, Comcast. You got me.

Do you have any examples of broken processes? Please, do join in the fun of sharing my misery.