The Thing About Blunt Honesty

People love vitriolic opinions that are black or white. Most, if not all, humor is built on it. And the more blunt the delivery device, the more people like to cheer it on as it's being swung about.

Until it's swung at them. Then, suddenly, they realize they're a little more grey than they thought they were. And suddenly, there's rebuttal and stammering, and then anger, and then eventually silence. They feel that a line has been crossed.

The truth is, there is no such thing as "the line." There's only "the lines close to you." And so long as the ones close to you are left alone, you're all about some harsh truth being told like it is. Once your lines are crossed, you're no longer a spectator, you're a participant. Shit gets real.

And now, everyone else is spectating, and you're the one they're watching in the epic battle of black vs. white.

There are two types of people who see things in black and white: the stupid and the curious. The stupid use extremes to define themselves because they're incapable of actual thought. The curious use extremes to find out where everyone else stands when they don't realize they're making a stand.