"I Never Said That..."

Ever ask someone why they feel a certain way that they so very obviously feel, and they respond with "I never said that..."? For instance, here is a snippet from a conversation I had this past weekend  (and, unfortunately, have had more times than I can count in my life) with someone I've known for quite a while, who has never once owned up to how he/she/it feels about me:

Me: "You think I'm an asshole, huh?"

Not me: "I never said that..."

To everyone who uses this bullshit copout: Fuck you, you disingenuous assholes. 

You've been called on something. Own up to it. Saying "I never said that..." is tantamount to confession. You're saying, in effect, "I absolutely think that, but because I never physically pronounced the words from the gaping hole in my face, you can't pin it on me."

If you didn't really feel that way, you'd respond by saying "No, I don't." Liars attack the evidence, not the sentiment. For instance, if you interrogate two men for a murder, an innocent party and the guilty one,  and you say "You killed that man," whom would you believe, the one who said "No I didn't!" or the one who said "You can't prove that..."

"I never said that..." Is the "You can't prove that..." of being called on what you're thinking. By saying that, you're not only admitting that you're thinking it, you're admitting you're a coward. Own up to it.