You're Goddamn Right I Judge People (And You Do, Too)

I judge the SHIT out of people. You do too. We all do. Anyone who says otherwise is telling the second biggest lie in human history (the first being "I don't lie").

Yesterday, I posted a picture to Facebook of a pseudo Suicide Girl covered in tattoos that, with the notable exception of whatever the fuck is written on her belly, come right off the wall of just about any tattoo parlor you walk into:

My commentary was "Some guys see a hot girl; all I see is a wall full of flash tattoos and a complete lack of imagination (not to mention the physical embodiment of the need to fit in)." She's a decent-enough looking girl from a physical perspective. But she chose to go and make a bunch of generic crap a permanent part of her body, and I made a judgement of her based on what I saw.

And of course, this invited all kinds of responses, both in agreement and disagreement. Some folks think she's hot (as I postulated in my post). Some people think she's a whore. Some folks like her hair, and some folks think the tattoos are drawn on (just a note on that -- I challenge you to attempt a gradient with a Sharpie). But a common thread in the discourse was this horseshit mentality that I shouldn't judge this poor, poor girl who has posted nearly naked photos of shitty-tattoo-covered self on the internet. After all, I don't know her. How do I have the right to say anything about her?

Because she's out there of her own free will, and I'm an intelligent being capable of inferring from visible signs the base nature of things, that's how.

Judging things based on how they look is an instinct. We all have it. To put it simply, I don't need to sit and have a conversation over coffee with a tiger to recognize from the fangs, the eyes, the pacing and the drooling that it's going to maul the shit out of me. The same applies to human beings. Don't want to be read? Don't put up signs.

Now, some judgements are just plain stupid to have. Judging individuals based on gender or race is the province of neanderthals, and discriminating based on such factors is the act of a weak and pathetic person incapable of coexisting with people who are different from themselves. Racism and bigotry are not what I'm defending here.

What I AM saying is that we as human beings are predisposed to process information and make judgements based on it. It's part of our core programming. This goes from seeing smoke and yelling "Fire!" to seeing a guy in a cowboy hat, Western-patterend shirt, blue jeans and cowboy boots with a huge silver belt buckle and inferring from that information that he probably likes country music.

This chick has unnaturally red hair, fake hipster glasses, and a body covered in simplistic permanent tattoos. What do YOU infer from that?

Turnabout is fair play, of course. I have Japanese cartoon characters and comic book icons all over me. I get judged for it daily. I don't care. I like it, it's on me, and everyone in the world who doesn't like it can go get fucked.

And she has the right to think the exact same thing about me. You all do. That's what life is. It's a systematic process of meeting, judging, and then either writing off or bonding with people. To pretend otherwise is a lie, and you're full of shit when you try to pass yourself off as some enlightened being who blessed us all by coming down from your mountaintop monastery to share with us your notion of universal acceptance.

If I saw this girl at a Starbucks somewhere minding her own business, I wouldn't go up to her and say "Hey, you're an attention whore with bad taste." That's called being an asshole. But that's not what this is. She took off her clothes and posed all sultry-like for the photo, then posted it up on the Internet on an "alternative model" site for the world to ogle. She invited judgement. I'm certain that her intent wasn't to be called on her shitty flash tattoos, but hey, that's part of the deal.

And again, it's the same deal I sign every single day I post anything on the internet that I write, make, say or do. I know the score. I am subject to criticism merely by virtue of the fact that I went and did something in public. Of course, that doesn't mean I will sit idly by and just take nonsense up the ass. If you say something stupid or ill-informed or hate-filled, expect an earful back.

As a response to my post, someone posted one of those "Oh look, I'm clever cause I did a typographic treatment of a pithy saying and turned it into an image macro" things that are so unfortunately popular these days:

It sure does. And my definition of myself is "right." And you're no different.

Life would be so much simpler if everyone would just drop this ridiculous act of pretending we aren't actually human beings.