How To Do What You Love For The Rest Of Your Life

Want to know how to do what you love for the rest of your life? The secret is hidden in this mini-documentary on making video game sounds:

Don't want to sit through the whole thing to find out the secret? Well, here's a cheat code.
The key piece of this video starts at 5:25, where Jeff (the voice talent) begins recording the sounds for a monster in Dead Space 2. He does a few voices, then says the most important thing you will ever hear:

"That's why I say you should do whatever in life that it is you are good at. Your 2nd grade teacher yelling at you for making crazy noises in the back of class? This is why you should actually keep doing it."

He goes on to say more very important things: "There is no well-worn path to a job in game audio, and that can be said about a lot of different disciplines within game production." The guys explain how there is no "Sound Design school" and that everything they do is built on experience, and opportunities are all by chance. They go on to give the best advice ever: Use the skill set you have to find an opportunity to do something that interests you in the realm you're interested in.

It's 100% true. That's how you get to do what you love for the rest of your life. If you sit there in your cubicle or home or mom's basement and spin around in your own head and wonder why life never gives you the opportunity to do what you love, the answer is very simple: it's because you don't love it enough to go make your own opportunity.

Either that, or you don't love yourself enough to give yourself the chance to do so.