I Pity The Mew... (Or, "Photos Of A Freshly Shaved Pussy")

Remember Julius? The sweet, sweet kitty of ours that is sometimes a little bit... Obnoxious? And Andrea just HAS to pick on by doing things like putting him in a pink dress? Like this:

Well, he was a bit of a punkass again.

We discovered the hard way, and I'll leave what that means up to your imagination, that he defecated in our shower this morning. Now, the act of pooping in the shower itself is a new behavior for him. However, these pranks he pulls, as well as the frustration borne of them, is a daily, nonstop thing for us. We find chewed houseplants barfed up on the stairs about once a week. Mail is completely shredded, and what isn't shredded is punctured with teeth marks. Anything even remotely resembling a string or thread is pulled to it's end length across the house (it's worst when I leave a sewing kit out). We can't have bags of cat treats laying around, because they will be bags of former cat treats within minutes.

He's a dick. But he's a sweet, sweet kitty and he's my kitty and I love him, even when he poops in the shower.

Andrea, however, decided to teach Julius a lesson (that you and I both know won't stick). While shaving down our chow Haggis this morning, she decided to give Julius a reverse Mr. T mowhawk:

...I get the sense that this trend of posting about Julius and the pranks he and Andrea pull on each other is only beginning.