Get up.

Right now.

I'm serious -- stand up out of your chair and finish reading the next few sentences, and then actually do what I ask:

Go out of the room you're in, go out of the building you're in, and do something new. Brand new. Something you've NEVER done before.

Pack a soda and a sandwich and visit a new park. Take a walk somewhere you've never been. Buy a new toy that isn't what you usually get -- if you collect figures, get a bike; if you buy games, buy some running shoes. Talk to strangers. Buy a book from a store you have never been to on a topic you've never read up on that you've always wanted to learn.


Especially if you're the resolution type. In the midst is making your plans for change and listing all the ways this year could be different, stand up -- RIGHT NOW -- and go make it different, if only for one day or one hour.

Change begets change. If you want to change, start changing.