The DevilKitty With The Pink Dress

Meet Julius:

Julius is a sweet, sweet kitty. He's my kitty. I love him very much.

But my wife... Well, she loves him, but they do NOT get along. This is because Julius is a punkass. He's my punkass, but he's still a punkass.

He picks on Andrea all the time by running out of the house and standing in the front yard, forcing her to chase him. If she gives up and walks back into the house, he climbs a tree and whines until we get him down, or runs into the woods and whines until we save him. So it's better that he just stay in the house.

And he knows this. This is why he runs out. Because he is a punkass.

So, whenever Julius runs out of the house, Andrea 'punishes' him by forcing him to amuse her. At first, it was chasing the laser pointer until it "hid" under the stove or a closet door, where he'd wait for an hour or more for it to show back up. Then, it became shaking the treat can (Pounce!) and making him salivate, then withholding said treats.

Then, for Christmas, one of our friends got our dog a dress, because she knows that I HATE animals in clothing (unless it's the Italian Greyhound AT-AT costume). So, when Julius ran out of the house on Christmas day, when he came back, his punishment was to wear this dress:

I love Julius. I feel sad when he's abused. But this... This is funny. And thus completes our little glimpse into our life at the house for today. Be well.