Mentally Incontinent Book 3 Presale Is GO!

That's right! It's Cyber Monday, which is pretty stupid as a concept. But it IS the day I told you I'd be putting my new book, Mentally Incontinent: Yes, My Third Book Is Also Named Mentally Incontinent, Even Though Everyone Told Me To Name The Third Book Something Different From The First Two, But They Also Told Me To Name The Second Book Something Different From The First And I Didn't, And I Figure, Why Break The Tradition? on presale. And so that's what's happening here and stuff. 

Before we get to the commerce, let me go ahead and tell you that you may want to read through everything first, to make sure you don't miss an awesome super deal. Cause there's a few of those here.

Also, the only way to guarantee that books will be there in time for Christmas is to buy them during this presale (unless you buy the e-book editions, which are available the second you buy them, but who wants to unwrap a box full of 1's and 0's? NO ONE THAT'S WHO).

Also, notice that the cover (by Casey Edwards) is in production currently, and isn't ready to show yet. So I had to make due with some stand-ins. You may have heard of the authors.
BIG IMPORTANT NOTE: If you're reading this in Facebook or your RSS reader, you may not be able to see the Add To Cart buttons below -- Go to the original post to buy these awesome things! Also, YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO BUY. Just select "use credit card" on the checkout screen.

Okay, so without further ado, let the buying BEGIN! What you can buy today:

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Mentally Incontinent: The Third, Hardcover edition. It's $29.95, and is only available during this presale (which ends Friday, December 9). 

(Actual cover coming soon, for now, James Patterson elected to stand in for this shot)

It is also limited to 100 copies total (well, actually 110, but the last 10 are not available for purchase and must be won and will have a full color pretty picture drawn by me in them). And of course, you can get a stick figure in it for a buck more. It's tradition.

Buy Mentally Incontinent: The Third, Hardcover:

Who do I autograph it to?

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Mentally Incontinent: The Third, Paperback edition. It's $14.95. And while it isn't limited to 100 like the hardcover, it IS only guaranteed for Christmas if you preorder it!

(As with the hardcover, the actual cover of the book is coming soon. And Douglas Adams didn't volunteer to stand in, but he's dead and can't argue)

And you can add a stick figure drawing to your autograph for an extra buck. And why would you do that? Because it's HIP and it's COOL. That's why. 

Buy Mentally Incontinent: The Third, Paperback:

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Mentally Incontinent: The Third, Paperback + Hardcover Super Duo Pack. It's $44.90, and by doing the math I just realized I don't know why I didn't just make the prices round numbers. 

This nets you both a hardcover and a paperback copy. Why you'd want both, I'll never know. But if you do, this is how you do it, yo.

Buy The Super Duo Pack:

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Add A Copy Of The Second Book (The Penguin Book) To Your Order: It's $14.95.

Blah de blah. You guys know what this book is and stuff. If you know someone who might benefit from its presence for Christmas, or you missed out on getting it, or you have a brand new table in your house that needs to be level, this is a great chance to make those things happen. 

Add A Copy Of MI2:

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Mentally Incontinent Trilogy Super Pack: It is $99.99, and consists of a hardcover and paperback of MI3, a paperback of MI2, a paperback of MI1 (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??) And a copy of MI #0, the first ever thing I published. Limited to 10!! 

Who do I autograph it to?

So, I located 11 copies of my first book. There was a return shipment sent to my printer a long, long time ago, and when I was setting up the new book, I saw the notice asking if I should have it shipped to me or have them destroyed. The notice was almost four years old, and because I went through Penguin for the 2nd book, I hadn't been in the interface for the printer to see it. So I am having it shipped to me. One copy is owed to a family member who has held a grudge for a long time because they never got one and it was sold out and out of print. So the last 10 are available to you in this super Trilogy Pack. This is the only way you can get the first book these days, unless you want to pay upwards of $100 at Barnes & Noble:

And as a super bonus, I'll also toss in one of the very few remaining Mentally Incontinent #0 fanzine things I made back in 2004, which was a HUGE mistake of a business endeavor, but still fun to do. It's the very first printed work of mine. It includes the first (and only) work of fiction / sci-fi I've ever written, about an alien abduction gone silly. And it's included in this pack. But note -- these are 9 years old or so, and have been sitting in a box in the attic, so there's a bit of water damage on a few of them. You get what you get. So, get to getting it.

Buy the Mentally Incontinent Trilogy Super Pack:

Who do I autograph it to?

And with every preorder, I'll toss in some of the random memorabilia and giveaway items I've produced over the years (that I just found in the garage), such as stickers and bookmarks:

Alright, that's it for the holiday product blitz this year. For those of you hoping that I'd do drawings again, I still do them, so just email me if you want to commission something. But they're more than $3 now, so understand that when you email me. And those of you I still owe drawings to -- hit me up so I don't let it slip off my radar, I WILL DO THEM.

Except Tricia's robot.


The Pre-Presale Announcement Thing

This is just a quick reminder that I will be taking preorders tomorrow starting at 10:00AM EST. 

There will be quite a few offers, available ONLY during the presale. You probably want to pay attention. 


See you tomorrow!


Achtung, Baby (No, Seriously, This Post Is About Achtung, Baby And Is Not A Worn-Out Pun Of Any Sort)

20 years and five days ago, U2's Achtung Baby was released. It changed my entire life. I'd loved U2 up to that point -- they were the first band I ever really got into, and I followed their career from about the time Unforgettable Fire came out until... Well, today, actually. I loved the "old" U2 stuff, but it was when they completely revamped their sound on Achtung Baby that my heart exploded and I fell completely in love with them.

19 years and 364 days ago, I shoplifted U2's Achtung Baby CD from Turtle's Music. I was 14 years old, and my family had just one CD player at the time. It was in the living room (along with the one VCR, which is why I never got to watch the porn I got busted for smuggling -- the story about which was the first I ever wrote as an "author"). I couldn't listen to it when my parents were home, because I only had four CDs at the time (Black Crowes - Shake Your Money Maker, Beastie Boys - License to Ill, Nirvana - Nevermind and RUN DMC - Raising Hell), and they knew which they were -- and they would have wondered where I got the album.

So, whenever my parents were gone and I was still home, I'd rush into the living room to continue making my cassette tape version of the album. Why I never thought to just shoplift the damn cassette, I still can't tell you. I think it's because, even then, I was addicted to the concept of adopting modern technologies when they weren't quite modern yet. At any rate, that dub was created over the span of about two weeks, with all sorts of crazy crackle and pops and strange starts-and-stops all over it. To this day, I can't hear The Fly without hearing in my head, the guitar riff intro starting twice and a slight ghostly echo of itself during the first full minute, because my parents came home one minute into getting that song onto the tape and I had to go back and re-record over that chunk.

(Can't see the video? Click here)

You kids today, with your MP3s and FLACs and ACCs... You have NO IDEA how tough it was growing up to just get music into a portable format. Get off my lawn, the moon landing was faked, etcetera.

That album, above all others, has the most memories attached to it from the greatest span of my life. The first time I ever kissed a girl, on Christmas day the year it came out. The first time I snuck out of my house at 2 AM to cause mischief with my neighborhood buddies, the January after it came out. It was the very first tape I played in my first car, a black Buick Skyhawk I bought for 300 dollars from a guy at my parents church. "One" is in my wedding video. We danced to "Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses" during our reception. It played in its entirety about fifteen times during the first ever snowboard trip I took with Mike, because it was the only CD I brought. Not on purpose, of course -- I forgot my disc wallet, and it was still in the portable CD player.

And even though I've seen U2 in concert literally near one hundred times (we toured the nation in 2000-2001 to see the All That You Can't Leave Behind tour, no joke -- and the show at Madison Square Garden just after 9/11 is the single most powerful thing I've ever attended in my life), I'd never seen Ultra Violet -- my absolute favorite U2 track -- live, because when the Achtung Baby tour came to Atlanta in 1991, I was super sick and couldn't go, and when we saw them in Orlando a few weeks later, we had to leave before they played it to get home in time.

So when they played it last year on the No Line On The Horizon tour as part of their encore, I cried. I stood there singing at the top of my voice and cried. It was amazing.

(can't see the video? Click here)

Thanksgiving and Christmas always remind me of that record, and this, its 20th anniversary, has reminded me that I AM OLD. Decrepit, even. I'm growing up. Grey hairs are coming in. I'm having opinions about today's music and laughing at the hairstyles of the kids today.

And yet, something I've began to notice is just how relevant all the music from the 90's through the early 2000's still is today. It's still in rotation on so-called "Alternative" stations on Sirius and cable music channels. You listen to today's music stations, and they still play Nevermind by Nirvana, tons of No Doubt, half of Soundgarden's catalog and almost all of Achtung Baby.

There's plenty to be written about how this generation's identity is a mashed-up amalgam of every identity from the mid 80's until the mid 2000's. And while I do wonder why that is, that's not the point of this post. The point of this post is to reminisce and feel mushy about the 20th anniversary of an album that, despite all the other meanings attached to all the other music I love, stands above the rest in sheer nostalgia.

And something even cooler -- Q Magazine commissioned a 20th anniversary tribute album, titled "AHK-toong BAY-bi Covered", featuring 12 completely amazing covers by today's artists. And it's really quite good. Nine Inch Nails covering Zoo Station is the clear standout on the record (and is embedded below), but I do love Garbage's take on Wild Horses, and even tolerate The Killers take on Ultra Violet.

If you want to hear the whole thing, start here and let the playlist play. The whole thing is free. And as promised, here's Trent Reznor covering Bono. It's fantastic:

(can't see the video? Click here)

At any rate, if you celebrate it, Happy Thanksgiving, and try not to get arrested if you emulate my now-infamous Wal-Mart Prank.


Why the Coke Classic Polar Bear "Winter Can" Bugs Me

Yesterday, I posted to Facebook and Twitter a photo I took in the cafe of our new studio space (which, I must say, is awesome and I love it. I'm a bit behind on photos of the whole place -- maybe that's my next blog post). It's of the Coca Cola "Winter Can" design, featuring some adorable silver polar bears on a frosted white background, with red "Coca Cola" lettering:

I design things for money (among other things), and thought it was adorable. I don't normally drink it, but in this case, it made me want one, so I grabbed one to have with lunch with my studiomates.

The problem? I thought it was Diet Coke. I don't drink Coke Classic. I can't -- I'm at very high risk to have Diabetes, and don't want to, you know... Have diabetes. And shit. And if Casey hadn't said "Dude, that's regular Coke" and then I said "You want regular Coke?" and he said "No, you have regular Coke in your hand" and then I said "...No I don't?" and he said "Look at it" and I did and said "Yeah, it's Die... Whoa! This isn't Diet!" and he said "Yeah, that's what I'm telling you" and I said "Well that's fucking stupid, why the fuck would they do a celebration design of regular Coke, whose design treatment for the past 100+ years has been white logo on red background, in a way that looks exactly like the design treatment for over 40 years for Diet Coke, which is red logo on white background?" and he shrugged.

For comparison purposes, consider the above design next to the standard Diet Coke can design:

And that's the problem I have with the design. I consider myself quite observant, and EXTREMELY brand aware, and sitting on the rack right next to this was the "partial logo" Diet coke can -- and the two looked so similar, I thought the entire row was Diet Coke. If I was Diabetic and there was no Casey present, and I drank that thing, I'd go into insulin shock.

That's a bad thing.

Not to mention that designers at Coke get paid at least three times the industry average and are supposed to be the upper echelon of designers in the world, and they made this kind of boo-boo, and that alone is disgusting.

So that, Facebook and Twitter people, is my problem. No, I don't hate polar bears.


And Now, The Announcement None Of You Have Been Waiting For... The New Book!

That's right -- no one's been asking for it! It's been demanded by tens of people! But there is a brand new Joe Peacock book on the horizon, releasing December 13, 2011!

It's going to be the 3rd and final Mentally Incontinent installment. It will be titled -- you guessed it -- Mentally Incontinent. It's funny, everyone told me that after the first book (which was called Mentally Incontinent), I should change the name for the Penguin book (the 2nd book, and an entirely different book from the first one). But I thought I was clever, and decided "Nahhhh..." I thought it would be cute to be like Seal and name both of my albums the same thing, but to differentiate the 2nd from the 1st, I'd add a long subtitle.

However, everyone I know thought that the 2nd book was just a reprint of the 1st book, except that it was put out by Penguin Books -- because it was titled the same. Because of that, most of my friends didn't actually buy it, since they owned the first book already. So, all in all, stupid decision, right? And here I have my chance to change that stigma and give things a whole new spin. But what fun is that? So it's called:

Mentally Incontinent: Everyone Told Me To Name The Third Book Something Different From The First Two, But They Also Told Me To Name The Second Book Something Different From The First And I Didn't, And I Figure, Why Break The Tradition? 

Yes, that's actually the subtitle.

The cover will be illustrated by the incomparable Casey Edwards. He is a good friend and one hell of an artist, and once the cover is ready, I'll share it with you guys. Until then, you'll have to settle for the fake cover I included above.

The book will come in four editions:

1) Free. As always, you can read the book on the website and on Google Books (minus the book-only stories, of course). I don't think anyone should have to pay to read my crap.

2) Ebook, $3.99 (or pay what you want). The book will be available on every reader (Kindle, Nook, iBooks for iPad/iPhone), as well as standardized formats like EPUB and PDF for those who just want to read the thing without going through one of the proprietary e-stores. You can pay $3.99 at the major e-retailers for the digital edition, or pay-what-you-want at the book's website (more on that in a second), starting with $0.00. If you pay nothing, you get the edition without the bonus stories, and if you pay green money, you get the bonus stories.

3) Paperback, $14.95. The paperback edition will include digital copies in EPUB and PDF formats -- all you have to do is visit the address on the inside and enter your email address, and is yours! It will be $14.95 and you can preorder it starting the week of Thanksgiving.

4) VERY limited edition hardcover, $29.95. There will only be 110 copies of the hardcover available to preorder, and that's it. First come, first served. Why only 110? Because when I self-published the first book, I limited it to the duration of the preorder period, and ended up with nearly 4000 orders that I had to ship myself. That was INSANE, and while I sometimes fail, I try to learn from my mistakes. And I know there are those of you who would very much like a hardcover, so I'm making them available again. But I'm not going to ship thousands of them, if for no other reason than I STILL have the taste of stamps in my mouth from 2005.

But why 110, and not 100? Well, the first 100 of the hardcovers will be just your basic hardcover book -- cloth bound with a beautiful wrap-over cover. Glossy stock, author photo, the whole nine. Everything you'd expect. But then...

10 hardcovers will feature a hand-drawn illustration on the inside cover by yours truly. They're going to be awful. But I promise I'll try really hard to make them not suck. If you're unfamiliar with my artistry... Good for you, you've saved yourself some pain. But you can check out some of the crap I did for the "Three Dollar Sketch" promotion last year. These will NOT BE FOR SALE. The only way to get one is to win one. More details on that later.

(There's actually a secret, exclusive fifth edition, which is going to feature a special cover and introduction, for friends and family. But don't tell them that.)

Preorders and Hardcover orders will begin the Monday after Thanksgiving, November 28 2011, on Cyber Monday (which is just plain stupid as a concept, but whatever, that's when it's going to happen). I will be very pleased to take your money.

The book will release December 13, 2011, and begin shipping that day for Christmas orders -- so have no fear, if you order the book in any format before December 13, you will receive it for Christmas (except possibly maybe the 10 Hardcovers with drawings in them, but I WILL TRY).


So, why now? Why a third book? Well, there has been some chatter and talk for a few years now about how people would love to see Total Prosers or Romance.Net in an actual printed book. And I have to admit, those stories, along with a few others (like the story about my first fist fight and some stories about my Dad) have some sentimental meaning to me, and I'd love to see them exist in a book. And since I have that power... MUAHAHAHAHA!

Also, and this is kind of retarded but also true, I want to move on and do other writing. I want to begin writing fiction -- possibly mystery, possibly sci-fi... The graphic novel I've been working on is at a stand-still, mostly because there's another one that's completely captured my heart and I want very much to write it. But some part of me feels like the Mentally Incontinent / memoir journey just isn't yet complete. And since there are two other books, a third book makes it a trilogy, and three is the magic number. So yeah, this book is mostly to close the door on the Mentally Incontinent part of my life and career and move forward into new things.

Plus, I just want to see Casey do a cover.

So, what do you guys think about the editions and availability? All of the above is subject to change (Except the title and Casey's cover), so if it does change, it might as well change the way you want it to. Thoughts? Feedback? Opinions? GIVE IT TO ME STRAIGHT, MAC.


Context Is King (Or, "Hey, This Post Is About Puking!")

Ever notice how certain things in certain environments at certain times look one way, and then the exact same thing in another environment at a different time looks completely different?

Well, before we get to that, let me give you a little background. My wife has had a pretty terrible cold for the past week or so. And just when I thought that I was going to make it through her cold without incident, I fell out Friday night and completely shut down.

Now, I don't get sick often -- my last cold was about a year and a half ago, and it damn near wiped me out. This one is mostly the same way. I get sick, I shut down, and then I slowly recover. While I'm sick, I try all the different crap you're supposed to try. Green tea, orange juice, zinc, Muscinex D, DayQuil and NyQuil. And all of those things make me a bit queazy, to be honest.

Whenever my wife gets sick, I end up spoiling her. I usually bring her flowers and fetch her medicine and treats to make her feel better. And I always make my homemade chicken chowder, which is -- if I say so myself -- completely awesome.

When I make chicken chowder (or chili or any other soup), I tend to make a few gallons at the time and freeze the rest. But the freezing part usually doesn't happen, as we eat the leftovers pretty much the rest of the week. But with both of us ending up sick, our appetites didn't really lend themselves to eating gallons of chicken chowder. And because we weren't really 100% operational (or thinking straight), the soup sat in the fridge for a week.

Some more background: I don't keep any leftovers more than a week, unless they've been properly packed and frozen. It's just a thing. And so, combining my phobia of weeklong leftovers in the fridge and my sickness, something had to be done about the leftover chowder.

Even more background: my house is on a septic system, and we've never gotten around to installing a septic-safe in-sink disposal. So when we get rid of food, traditionally we throw it away. But this being soup, and soup being liquid, and liquids having a tendency to spill everywhere, I can't just throw it away. And since it wouldn't go down the drain easily due to all the solid chunks of chicken and corn and peas and carrots and noodles, I decided to flush it down the toilet.

 And this is where the whole question I asked in the first paragraph comes into play.

While my awesome chicken chowder looks delicious and wholesome and filling while in a pot in the kitchen, once it's been dumped into a toilet, it looks anything but. And while it smells hearty and savory while cooking, once you're in a bathroom, that smell quickly becomes something utterly sickening.

Combine this with the queazy feeling that the over-the-counter remedies I'd taken an hour before... Yeah. I puked everywhere.

So that's why this post is about both context and puke. If you're new to my blog... Hi. This is what it's like here. Welcome.


The Tastiest Letter So Far

Today, I got by far the tastiest letter I've received so far... Or should I say "letters!"

My good friend Heather (@baronessheather on Twitter) wanted to participate in my letters project. She also knows I have a particular fondness for Biscoff cookies (the cookies that Delta Air Lines exclusively gives out on their flights). She found a homemade Biscoff cookie recipe, and because she couldn't think of how to write one clever letter, she sent an entire alphabet:

And they are AWESOME.

Be jealous.


Be Heard

You have a voice.

Today is the day you get to use it.

Be you in the 99%, or the 1%, or the 53¾% -- Don't sit silent.

If you do, you lose any weight you might have behind any argument you might want to make about any event you disagree with. Don't exercise your voice in the company break room or online forums or anywhere else that doesn't matter. Get up off your ass and go cast your ballot.

We may not be voting for President today -- but for whom occupies the office of the Presidency is hardly the most important vote you can cast. Your local politicians, referendums, amendments and offices are the ones that matter most to you. They govern your children's education and how much you pay in taxes to afford it. They determine your local zoning rules and the people who run the office, who may decide to approve the new Wal-Mart near your neighborhood... Or worse, a new neighborhood behind your neighborhood that might never get finished or sell completely out, welcoming neighborhood hoodlums to vandalize it and ruin your property values.

And that's just to name two things that have happened near where I live. I could bring up the CRCT cheating scandal in Atlanta Public Schools, which threatened the accreditation of every school in the city, screwing up childrens' educations for life. Or the Clayton County board who screwed the schools and actually did lose accreditation. Or the imminent domain hearings which forced an entire town to move when Wal-Mart wanted to build a distribution hub in north Georgia.

Short of actually running for office and showing your neighbors, co-workers and friends how well you'd actually run things if you were in charge, the most important and powerful thing you can do -- RIGHT NOW, TODAY -- is get out and have a say in who actually does run things.



You Get To Choose Who You Like

Maybe it's hard to imagine on your end, or maybe you relate completely. But there is an aspect to our lives where I think that there are more of us who never realize it than who do: the fact that we get a choice in who we like and do things for and smile at and share time with.

Obligation is a huge part of our culture. We feel obligated to people due to culture, familial relationship, friends of friends... We do nice things and favors for people who, quite honestly, don't deserve them. It might be because we don't want to make an enemy at the office, or it might be because it's your betrothed's mother or sister or brother and you just have to make nice. But that's not really what I'm talking about here (but the point still applies).

There's this element to some peoples' friendships with others that depends solely on how much they do for them. And to these people, I say that a friendship based on how much you do for someone is no friendship at all. And I am willing to bet quite a huge sum of money that, if you're one of these folks, you've convinced yourself that this "friend" is a nice person and you like them, despite the disappointment you feel every time you need something from them and they're nowhere to be found.

You get to choose who you like. You get to walk away from this situation if you want. You don't have to keep a relationship going with anyone who doesn't work as hard as you do to do the same. When you stop going the extra mile for someone who doesn't do the same for you, you suddenly figure out that the only consequence of removing that from your life is that you no longer have the responsibility of doing things for someone else with no reward.

Or, in much shorter terms, fuck that shit.

It's like the rest of everything else in life, like going to the gym and being in shape, or getting a better job, or chasing your dream. Give yourself permission to concentrate on yourself, and you'll end up much happier.


Occupy Atlanta on 11.5.11 (Guy Fawkes day) -- The Aftermath

It's interesting -- after the Occupy Atlanta occupiers were evicted from Woodruff Park and arrested last weekend (without incident, mind you -- no pepper spray, no tear gas, no beatings. The Atlanta Police were very civil and treated them right), the city posted numbers on how much the Occupation has cost taxpayers: nearly half a million dollars. But every news broadcast I saw mentioning the numbers made sure to include the sound byte from the mayor explaining that the vast majority of it was in police overtime pay.

Doesn't it make sense then to just save taxpayer money and let the Occupation take place in the park, as it had been for a month without incident?

Anyway. Last night, the Occupation decided to retake Woodruff Park. They announced this all week. It was quite smart -- they drew every single news organization in the city there, and with all the cameras pointed at them, they made their point. But at some point last night, things at Occupy Atlanta turned out much more dramatic than they did last weekend. I saw live on the news that the SWAT team had moved in. That's when I called my studiomate Tom Feister, asked him to grab my camera, and meet me at Woodruff Park to get whatever bits of the story we could.

By the time we got there, whatever drama had taken place had subsided. The streets were peaceful. The park -- empty. The protest was still going, but after the 20ish arrests that took place, the group had gotten much smaller. There were talks and murmurs about things that happened, the biggest being a motorcycle cop accelerating into one of the Occupiers, then arresting him. I wasn't there for that, so I have no opinion. But I do know that the live stream I was watching showed the incident, and it did look like the cop just ran into the guy and knocked him down.

At any rate, things were much more subdued when I arrived. This is what we saw when we got there:

Occupation isn't just the prevue of the youthful.

The larger group of Occupiers on Peachtree. The group had split into 2 at this point, but eventually reunited.

One of the cops filmed the Occupation. I'm not sure why, probably just for his own posterity. 

An abandoned Occupy Atlanta sign.

Cops lined the streets on either side, but they let the Occupation chant and march.

Double Barricades... What does it mean?

The Occupation as they marched down Peachtree, after the arrests and the bulk of the drama had subsided.

The double barricade setup that kept Occupiers from re-entering the park once they left.

The Red, White and Blue, lit by the glow of blue lights

Woodruff Park

Sherrif's paddywagon at Woodruff Park

Some of the Occupation, leaving.

Peachtree and Auburn Ave. cordoned off

Police staged 2nd and 3rd control units in alleyways and behind buildings, in case things got crazy.

One of two groups of Occupiers split down Peachtree. They eventually reunited and headed to Peachtree and Pine.

Cold Occupation.

This homeless guy gathered up signs for shelter.

This guy reminded me of a very noisy S1W.

This is the unofficial "leader" of Occupy Atlanta, Tim Franzen. He's always wearing the red hat, and is pretty much the voice of the occupation with the media. He was a nice guy.

This is Tom Feister, who was at the ready and joined me for my little photojournalistic endeavor. 

Franzen with Sharrod, his second-in-command (I believe -- Sharrod was helping Tim organize the next event)

A protest sign left standing on end.

Atlanta Police with Zip Ties moving out of the area.

These guys were one of the few groups of police that seemed to mind my taking pictures. They weren't rude, they just waved me on.

Cops chilling after not having to do too awful much. It was a very peaceful event.

Local news on the scene

It's interesting: Cops and SWAT show up to arrest and evict the Occupation, yet these two somehow made it through the barricades and wandered around the park without so much as a peep.

Occupy Everything (closeup)

Occupy Everything.

Guy Fawkes masks were on the scene, as you'd expect. 

Tim's bright red cap shines through the darkness.

This guy had a small netbook, webcam and 3g USB stick and was live streaming the entire evening. I watched his stream while headed up to the park.

Livestreaming some group dissent.

Some patriotic Occupiers

One of the occupation considers her shoes while talking with the Atlanta police. 

The occupation mulls over their options. I believe they made their way up to Peachtree & Pine from here.

An empty Woodruff Park... Except for the two preppy types I showed you earlier.