You Got You Here...

You're driving your car, and you get lost. 

You want to get to where you intended to go, but you just can't find your path. So you keep trying. At some point, you realize, you're really, seriously lost. Time is ticking, gas is running out, and you need help. What do you do?

Even the most macho Tough Guy on Earth will admit that, at some point -- even if it's the last second before he burns his last drop of fuel wandering blind -- he will get directions.

And if he doesn't? Well, he runs out of gas and has to walk and admit defeat anyway. Or, sit by the side of the road until he starves to death. Either way, he got himself where he is.

Now, replace the car with living your life. 

At some point -- and for some people it takes longer than it does for others, but at SOME point -- you realize that the source of your misery and your pain and your suffering is you. Either you're willfully punishing yourself, or you're willfully sticking around someone pushing you, but at some point, after years and years of assessment, all the data comes back and you realize, you're the common thread.

So what now?

Maybe the answer is to stop trusting yourself for a moment, because it's obvious you're fucking up and don't know where the hell to go, and you need someone to tell you exactly where you are and how to get out. 

You got you here. Are you happy? No? THEN QUIT FUCKING LISTENING TO YOURSELF FOR ONE GODDAMN MINUTE AND ACCEPT HELP. Because you're wrong. Period.

And if you don't, don't be surprised when you starve or freeze, alone. 

These aren't just platitudes. I'm not just posting fucking anecdotal shit here. I WENT THROUGH THIS. I learned my lesson. It took forever, but I learned it. And there's far more to learn, I realize that. But this lesson? And all the other lessons I post about? First hand experience.

You know... In case you were wondering.