Last Minute Gift Idea -- Alcoholic Bliss Basket

If you're like me, you fuck around until the very last minute every single Christmas, then scramble to get shit done. You're also 6' 3", nearly 300lbs and tattooed up one side and down the other, and are obsessed with Akira, comic books and Jeff Buckley. And if you're that much like me, stop it, you're creeping me out.

No, seriously. Freak...

Anyway, I happened upon a genius idea for a last minute Christmas gift when I was coming up with options for a nice group gift for Studio Revolver. I was in Target when I spied with my little eye a set of Marvel and a set of DC pint glasses:

My brain went "DING!" and I said "What the fuck? Why did my brain just ding? That isn't biologically normal" but I had shopping to do so I just ignored it. I'm sure I'll end up with a paralyzed left face sometime in the next week from the ensuing stroke.

I grabbed the glasses, bought some decent mid-shelf liquor, put them in a basket, and voila:

Yes, there are marvel glasses in the DC box. I couldn't fit all 8 glasses in the basket, so I just mixed and matched and put the rest back in a box. IT'S A MULTIVERSE CROSSOVER EVENT OF ALCOHOLIC BLISS. If only the box came in limited edition die-cut chromium gloss gatefold. Then it'd be ultra collectable.

It'd also be the 90's.

At any rate, the beauty is that you can do this with just about any type of pint or shot glass. There are so many novelty types, ranging from The Beatles to Twilight. And if you do the Twilight option, might I suggest adding cyanide to the basket? Preferably pre-mixed into the liquor?

Happy holidays!