If You're Hurting, Say Something


That's all I can think right now -- fucking goddammit. I'm so angry. And I cannot process it, and I cannot get rid of it. All I can do is use it.

So I'm using it to tell you, reading this right now, that you have a responsibility to everyone you love to tell them when you're hurting. They have the right to know. Sure, it's your life, and you get to lead it any way you want -- but if you're part of a family, whether blood relatives or friends or a collective or a business, and you start to fall down, you OWE it to those around you to reach out and ask for help.

You fucking owe it to them. Because you're a part of them. No matter how much you want to fight it, the fact that you've got people caring about you makes you a part of them. And when you remove yourself from them, you're cutting a part of themselves out of them.

You have the right to remove from your life the people who hurt you. You have the right to those who take advantage of you. You have the right to be happy.

But when you're hurting and you isolate yourself, you're not removing people who hurt you or take advantage of you from your life, you're removing yourself from people who love you and care for you and are part of your world, which makes you part of theirs.

Say something. Goddammit, just fucking say something. It's scary and it hurts and you don't want to burden them... But trust me, the burden they feel when you share how you feel is nothing compared to how they'll feel if they never have the chance again.

Update: Jeremy shared this in the comments, and I love how it's said. So here it is, for you. Please watch it: