Help Me Write The Foreword To The New Book!

So, I had this idea: What if YOU wrote the foreword to my new book? I mean, you're perfect for the role. You read my crap for one reason or another. You obviously have reason to. And there's a good chance that, simply by reading this blog and my books, you know me better than most of my friends. So share that reason with the readers of the new book!

Yes, I'm dead serious. I want YOU to write the foreword. All you have to do is post it as a comment on the official Mentally Incontinent page on Facebook (and obviously, if you're not yet a member, join). If you're not on Facebook, feel free to email it to me with the subject "MI3 Foreword" -- but I really would prefer you post it in the MI Facebook comments, just for the fun of sharing it with everyone and ease of collection when it's time to copy + paste.

If you're like me, you're probably all like "Oh man, that's a great thing I'd very much like to do!" and then you start to do it and you waste days -- maybe weeks -- trying to figure out where to begin. So here's a smattering of things you could include if you want:

  • How you found my blog / books
  • Your reaction to the first or second (or both) books
  • Your favorite story
  • Have we met? How did it go?
  • Are you friends with me in meatspace? What's your favorite memory we share? How did we meet?
  • Do you want to bash me? This is your chance!
  • Make shit up -- compare me favorably or unfavorably to Facault or Douglas Adams or Dr. Spock

I'm going to cut this off Wednesday night at midnight EST, so get to scribing! And thank you, very very much!