Celebrate The New (or, "Fuck The Cynics")

I cannot tell you how many times this year alone I've heard someone say something like "Why celebrate New Year's Day? I mean, it's just another day..."

Cynics, all of them. And you know what? Fuck them.

Celebrate tonight as the end of things.

Celebrate tomorrow as a new beginning.

Celebrate milestones and birthdays and sunrises. Celebrate the new. Send off the old in style. Mourn your losses, and then cut them loose. Embrace the next; the thing around the corner. The wrapped present about to be opened. The cards not yet turned over.

Feel anticipation! Feel excitement! Allow yourself to prepare to feel joy! Because what is life without these things?

It's empty and hollow and broken and dark, that's what. And anyone attempting to bring you down into that abyss is someone who deserves to fuck right off. Don't listen. Don't succumb. Don't be dragged down. Cut those ropes and snap those chains and break free of forces that keep you feeling heavy.

Cynicism is another word for sad. Don't be sad. You get so many days on this Earth and then you die. There is no getting around this. You do not get out of life alive. Do NOT take it so seriously that you stop enjoying it. Don't spend a single one you don't have to feeling down or dark or sad.

...And don't you DARE let anyone take your joy (or the anticipation of it) it away from you with their bullshit.