Why the Coke Classic Polar Bear "Winter Can" Bugs Me

Yesterday, I posted to Facebook and Twitter a photo I took in the cafe of our new studio space (which, I must say, is awesome and I love it. I'm a bit behind on photos of the whole place -- maybe that's my next blog post). It's of the Coca Cola "Winter Can" design, featuring some adorable silver polar bears on a frosted white background, with red "Coca Cola" lettering:

I design things for money (among other things), and thought it was adorable. I don't normally drink it, but in this case, it made me want one, so I grabbed one to have with lunch with my studiomates.

The problem? I thought it was Diet Coke. I don't drink Coke Classic. I can't -- I'm at very high risk to have Diabetes, and don't want to, you know... Have diabetes. And shit. And if Casey hadn't said "Dude, that's regular Coke" and then I said "You want regular Coke?" and he said "No, you have regular Coke in your hand" and then I said "...No I don't?" and he said "Look at it" and I did and said "Yeah, it's Die... Whoa! This isn't Diet!" and he said "Yeah, that's what I'm telling you" and I said "Well that's fucking stupid, why the fuck would they do a celebration design of regular Coke, whose design treatment for the past 100+ years has been white logo on red background, in a way that looks exactly like the design treatment for over 40 years for Diet Coke, which is red logo on white background?" and he shrugged.

For comparison purposes, consider the above design next to the standard Diet Coke can design:

And that's the problem I have with the design. I consider myself quite observant, and EXTREMELY brand aware, and sitting on the rack right next to this was the "partial logo" Diet coke can -- and the two looked so similar, I thought the entire row was Diet Coke. If I was Diabetic and there was no Casey present, and I drank that thing, I'd go into insulin shock.

That's a bad thing.

Not to mention that designers at Coke get paid at least three times the industry average and are supposed to be the upper echelon of designers in the world, and they made this kind of boo-boo, and that alone is disgusting.

So that, Facebook and Twitter people, is my problem. No, I don't hate polar bears.