Be Heard

You have a voice.

Today is the day you get to use it.

Be you in the 99%, or the 1%, or the 53¾% -- Don't sit silent.

If you do, you lose any weight you might have behind any argument you might want to make about any event you disagree with. Don't exercise your voice in the company break room or online forums or anywhere else that doesn't matter. Get up off your ass and go cast your ballot.

We may not be voting for President today -- but for whom occupies the office of the Presidency is hardly the most important vote you can cast. Your local politicians, referendums, amendments and offices are the ones that matter most to you. They govern your children's education and how much you pay in taxes to afford it. They determine your local zoning rules and the people who run the office, who may decide to approve the new Wal-Mart near your neighborhood... Or worse, a new neighborhood behind your neighborhood that might never get finished or sell completely out, welcoming neighborhood hoodlums to vandalize it and ruin your property values.

And that's just to name two things that have happened near where I live. I could bring up the CRCT cheating scandal in Atlanta Public Schools, which threatened the accreditation of every school in the city, screwing up childrens' educations for life. Or the Clayton County board who screwed the schools and actually did lose accreditation. Or the imminent domain hearings which forced an entire town to move when Wal-Mart wanted to build a distribution hub in north Georgia.

Short of actually running for office and showing your neighbors, co-workers and friends how well you'd actually run things if you were in charge, the most important and powerful thing you can do -- RIGHT NOW, TODAY -- is get out and have a say in who actually does run things.