Some Letter Writing Updates

Remember how I miss writing letters, and I begged you guys to write some, and you kinda went nuts and sent tons more than I expected? By an order of magnitude?

Seriously, I expected maybe 20 at most. So far, I've received 221 letters, and have returned 81 of them. I'm powering through them as fast as I can -- I'm trying to do one a day at the least, and when I take flights or am stationary for a few hours, I can write 5-8 of them easily. I love this whole thing -- you guys are the best. This has been SO MUCH FUN!!!

Today is no exception. I've received some really great things in the mail -- mixtape playlists on USB drives, some hand-drawn comics, a really cool pencil case featuring Milk and Cheese (of Evan Dorkin fame, which is one of my favorite comics of all time!), and some other neat things. But today, I received... A CHALLENGE!

It's a "Puzzletter" -- a letter written on the back of a jigsaw puzzle.

You guys, I LOVE puzzles. When I was a kid, my mother and I would do jigsaw puzzles together, and she would get so frustrated with me because I'd blaze way ahead on my corner and end up finishing the whole thing while she was napping. We even did several of the "World's Most Difficult Jigsaw Puzzles" in under a week each.

So here's the Puzzleter:

How it came (Can't see the picture? Click here)

I put this together in under 2 minutes. Not bragging, just pointing out my superiority
(Can't see the picture? Click here)

Annnnnd the letter! Thanks Erika!!  (Can't see the picture? Click here)

Woot! Please keep sending cool things! My address, in case you were too lazy to click the link above:

PO Box 792
Lovejoy, GA 30250

Go go go! And thanks!