Hiding Away

It is okay to hide away from time to time.

Sometimes, it all gets overwhelming. It's 100% understandable that you need a break. And it doesn't matter who you are -- one can only take so much of something for so long. Your job will weigh on you. Your family's needs will push and pull you around.

Life is that way. It's the accumulated experience of everything, every day. And the thing about "everything" is that it adds up. And depending on the amount of "everything" at any given time, that stuff can weigh a lot. So sometimes, you need to put that weight down and recover. I'm going through one of those moments right this very minute (I'm still getting work done, mind you -- I can't ever just sit completely idle. I'm just not spending as much time online. Expect that to end soon).

A secret most athletes and trainers know: muscle strength isn't built while you're lifting and holding the weight. It's built while you rest. The same is true about your spirit. You need to take breaks from time to time in order to restore; to consider. You need perspective on what you've been through and a chance to let your mind and your heart rest for a minute.

And that's the key. "For a minute." Because if you do it for too long, you go from needing a break from everything, to avoiding everything. And that's when things get dangerous.

It is NOT okay to hide away from life. You can't hide away from responsibility or your family or the great things that hard work brings to the world. Well, actually, you can, you're just a big pussy for doing so. And it's a sad, sad thing when you go from needing a break from things to being too weak to take control of your life.

Weakness isn't a bad thing when it comes from effort and exhaustion. And it's not a bad thing when something comes at us that's just too heavy to handle alone. We're all weak from time to time, no matter how macho or tough we pretend to be. Sometimes, we need to ask for help to carry a load, or we need to take that break from the effort for a minute.

But weakness as a way of life is a waste.