Context Is King (Or, "Hey, This Post Is About Puking!")

Ever notice how certain things in certain environments at certain times look one way, and then the exact same thing in another environment at a different time looks completely different?

Well, before we get to that, let me give you a little background. My wife has had a pretty terrible cold for the past week or so. And just when I thought that I was going to make it through her cold without incident, I fell out Friday night and completely shut down.

Now, I don't get sick often -- my last cold was about a year and a half ago, and it damn near wiped me out. This one is mostly the same way. I get sick, I shut down, and then I slowly recover. While I'm sick, I try all the different crap you're supposed to try. Green tea, orange juice, zinc, Muscinex D, DayQuil and NyQuil. And all of those things make me a bit queazy, to be honest.

Whenever my wife gets sick, I end up spoiling her. I usually bring her flowers and fetch her medicine and treats to make her feel better. And I always make my homemade chicken chowder, which is -- if I say so myself -- completely awesome.

When I make chicken chowder (or chili or any other soup), I tend to make a few gallons at the time and freeze the rest. But the freezing part usually doesn't happen, as we eat the leftovers pretty much the rest of the week. But with both of us ending up sick, our appetites didn't really lend themselves to eating gallons of chicken chowder. And because we weren't really 100% operational (or thinking straight), the soup sat in the fridge for a week.

Some more background: I don't keep any leftovers more than a week, unless they've been properly packed and frozen. It's just a thing. And so, combining my phobia of weeklong leftovers in the fridge and my sickness, something had to be done about the leftover chowder.

Even more background: my house is on a septic system, and we've never gotten around to installing a septic-safe in-sink disposal. So when we get rid of food, traditionally we throw it away. But this being soup, and soup being liquid, and liquids having a tendency to spill everywhere, I can't just throw it away. And since it wouldn't go down the drain easily due to all the solid chunks of chicken and corn and peas and carrots and noodles, I decided to flush it down the toilet.

 And this is where the whole question I asked in the first paragraph comes into play.

While my awesome chicken chowder looks delicious and wholesome and filling while in a pot in the kitchen, once it's been dumped into a toilet, it looks anything but. And while it smells hearty and savory while cooking, once you're in a bathroom, that smell quickly becomes something utterly sickening.

Combine this with the queazy feeling that the over-the-counter remedies I'd taken an hour before... Yeah. I puked everywhere.

So that's why this post is about both context and puke. If you're new to my blog... Hi. This is what it's like here. Welcome.