And Now, The Announcement None Of You Have Been Waiting For... The New Book!

That's right -- no one's been asking for it! It's been demanded by tens of people! But there is a brand new Joe Peacock book on the horizon, releasing December 13, 2011!

It's going to be the 3rd and final Mentally Incontinent installment. It will be titled -- you guessed it -- Mentally Incontinent. It's funny, everyone told me that after the first book (which was called Mentally Incontinent), I should change the name for the Penguin book (the 2nd book, and an entirely different book from the first one). But I thought I was clever, and decided "Nahhhh..." I thought it would be cute to be like Seal and name both of my albums the same thing, but to differentiate the 2nd from the 1st, I'd add a long subtitle.

However, everyone I know thought that the 2nd book was just a reprint of the 1st book, except that it was put out by Penguin Books -- because it was titled the same. Because of that, most of my friends didn't actually buy it, since they owned the first book already. So, all in all, stupid decision, right? And here I have my chance to change that stigma and give things a whole new spin. But what fun is that? So it's called:

Mentally Incontinent: Everyone Told Me To Name The Third Book Something Different From The First Two, But They Also Told Me To Name The Second Book Something Different From The First And I Didn't, And I Figure, Why Break The Tradition? 

Yes, that's actually the subtitle.

The cover will be illustrated by the incomparable Casey Edwards. He is a good friend and one hell of an artist, and once the cover is ready, I'll share it with you guys. Until then, you'll have to settle for the fake cover I included above.

The book will come in four editions:

1) Free. As always, you can read the book on the website and on Google Books (minus the book-only stories, of course). I don't think anyone should have to pay to read my crap.

2) Ebook, $3.99 (or pay what you want). The book will be available on every reader (Kindle, Nook, iBooks for iPad/iPhone), as well as standardized formats like EPUB and PDF for those who just want to read the thing without going through one of the proprietary e-stores. You can pay $3.99 at the major e-retailers for the digital edition, or pay-what-you-want at the book's website (more on that in a second), starting with $0.00. If you pay nothing, you get the edition without the bonus stories, and if you pay green money, you get the bonus stories.

3) Paperback, $14.95. The paperback edition will include digital copies in EPUB and PDF formats -- all you have to do is visit the address on the inside and enter your email address, and is yours! It will be $14.95 and you can preorder it starting the week of Thanksgiving.

4) VERY limited edition hardcover, $29.95. There will only be 110 copies of the hardcover available to preorder, and that's it. First come, first served. Why only 110? Because when I self-published the first book, I limited it to the duration of the preorder period, and ended up with nearly 4000 orders that I had to ship myself. That was INSANE, and while I sometimes fail, I try to learn from my mistakes. And I know there are those of you who would very much like a hardcover, so I'm making them available again. But I'm not going to ship thousands of them, if for no other reason than I STILL have the taste of stamps in my mouth from 2005.

But why 110, and not 100? Well, the first 100 of the hardcovers will be just your basic hardcover book -- cloth bound with a beautiful wrap-over cover. Glossy stock, author photo, the whole nine. Everything you'd expect. But then...

10 hardcovers will feature a hand-drawn illustration on the inside cover by yours truly. They're going to be awful. But I promise I'll try really hard to make them not suck. If you're unfamiliar with my artistry... Good for you, you've saved yourself some pain. But you can check out some of the crap I did for the "Three Dollar Sketch" promotion last year. These will NOT BE FOR SALE. The only way to get one is to win one. More details on that later.

(There's actually a secret, exclusive fifth edition, which is going to feature a special cover and introduction, for friends and family. But don't tell them that.)

Preorders and Hardcover orders will begin the Monday after Thanksgiving, November 28 2011, on Cyber Monday (which is just plain stupid as a concept, but whatever, that's when it's going to happen). I will be very pleased to take your money.

The book will release December 13, 2011, and begin shipping that day for Christmas orders -- so have no fear, if you order the book in any format before December 13, you will receive it for Christmas (except possibly maybe the 10 Hardcovers with drawings in them, but I WILL TRY).


So, why now? Why a third book? Well, there has been some chatter and talk for a few years now about how people would love to see Total Prosers or Romance.Net in an actual printed book. And I have to admit, those stories, along with a few others (like the story about my first fist fight and some stories about my Dad) have some sentimental meaning to me, and I'd love to see them exist in a book. And since I have that power... MUAHAHAHAHA!

Also, and this is kind of retarded but also true, I want to move on and do other writing. I want to begin writing fiction -- possibly mystery, possibly sci-fi... The graphic novel I've been working on is at a stand-still, mostly because there's another one that's completely captured my heart and I want very much to write it. But some part of me feels like the Mentally Incontinent / memoir journey just isn't yet complete. And since there are two other books, a third book makes it a trilogy, and three is the magic number. So yeah, this book is mostly to close the door on the Mentally Incontinent part of my life and career and move forward into new things.

Plus, I just want to see Casey do a cover.

So, what do you guys think about the editions and availability? All of the above is subject to change (Except the title and Casey's cover), so if it does change, it might as well change the way you want it to. Thoughts? Feedback? Opinions? GIVE IT TO ME STRAIGHT, MAC.