Life Is Good (And Why That Sucks)

This week is utterly surreal. It's by far the most good-stuff-crammed-into-a-single-week week I've ever had.

The articles I wrote about Occupy Wall St. (first article, second article) were a huge hit and led to a lot of people understanding the point, or at the very least, arguing about it -- which is a great thing. Dialog and discourse is important in causes. They ended up being featured on Huffington Post, which lead to them being featured on Wall Street Journal. It was crazy.

Furthermore, because Oprah's best friend, Gayle King, found and loved my Rules of Air Travel, I was not only invited on her show for tomorrow, I was asked to also ship my books -- MY books, the ones I wrote (which the 16 year old in me cannot believe I actually did) that I never expected to do anything whatsoever besides make me feel good that I finally wrote a book -- to Oprah's people in New York and Chicago. That... like... What the fuck!?! That's not supposed to happen to me! And I'm not even talking about (or thinking about, for that matter) the idea that they'd DO anything with them! Just the mere invitation to send them... That's crazy! Who... What... BALALHALHIDEIONEOIFB. I cannot process that. Moving on.

So, I'm on an airplane right now to New York so that I can do the following:

  • Meet with my Huffington Post editors to discuss more writing crap,
  • Meet with a Wall Street Journal blog editor who loved my piece on the Occupy Wall St. movement and wants to talk about more writing opportunities,
  • Meet with the people who literally run the Pop Tarts division of Kellogs because they read that I love Pop Tarts and want to meet me,
  • Shoot video with Huffington Post and Fark about a topic that will be disclosed very soon, but if you've been paying any attention whatsoever this week, can figure out quickly,
  • Visit  Marvel and DC headquarters for the first time in my life,
  • Hang out with my Studio Revolver studio mates Jason Pearson, Dexter Vines and John Tyler Christopher at New York Comiccon, where I will also hang out with other really fantastic comics artists (including my favoritest artist ever, Stephanie Buscema),
  • Air a segment on Gayle King's (best friend of Oprah) radio show at 9:35 AM Friday morning (tune in on XM 111/SIRIUS 204 to hear a very special announcement!!!),
  • Eat fantastic food, 
  • Generally have a very kick-ass weekend

And even getting on the plane was great today! I walked through security with hardly a line, got on the plane to find an aisle seat with an empty one next to me, there's Wi-Fi on the plane, and no one is wearing stinky ass perfume or eating fried smelly food.


Because it absolutely ruins material for this blog! No one ever wants to hear how good life is, do they? Those stories suck. "...And then, awesome things happened!" always leads to you saying "Oh, great!" for that person and then thinking silently to yourself "...you prick."

Then you promptly forget it all. Boring.

The excitement and interest and humor are in the bad things that happen. The farty guy on the plane... Missing my flight... Being arrested while trying to sneak into Marvel to get Joe Quesada's autograph... Being bonked on the head by cops while stealing footage in NYC... Those stories are worth telling!

And with the Gayle King bit, I'm sitting here wondering how to keep my language clean and not be my usual smart-assy self -- knowing fully well that no one cares about the story that starts, "This one time, I totally played it safe..."

Furthermore, there's the inescapable feeling of dread... "Okay, when does the rug get pulled out from under me?" my cynical (realist?) side keeps asking.

Of course, I'm kidding about this sucking. And while that cynical voice is very real, I'm actually doing quite well with telling it to shut the fuck up. I'm extremely stoked that life has been so great lately. In addition to all of the above listed neat things, I'm also actively working on my comic, finishing up the new book so you guys have cool things to read, and working with some really great clients on some really creative and awesome things that I can't quite mention just yet, but will soon (since the work is done, and the stuff I've done actually exists).

And on top of all of that, I'm married to the most amazing woman in the world, who loves and supports me and without whom none of this would ever be possible. And most of all, I have you on my side -- reading what I write, sharing it with people, and believing in me. And there is no overestimating the value of people who believe in you. They're the ones who actually provide any and all good fortune you have. So I owe you all a very huge "Thank you."

So Thank You.

Life is good. But we haven't landed yet, so give it another hour and check back with me then.