How The Gayle King Show Went

A lot of folks Tweeted and posted that they couldn't get the channel that Gayle King's show was on, because it's a "premium" channel and you had to subscribe. I'm going to ask about a recording or transcript for anyone who wants to hear it. In the meantime, here's a quick brief:

I cannot believe Oprah's best friend likes me.

I was invited on because of my Rules of Air Travel article. The very first thing she did when I entered the studio was give me a handshake. The very next thing she did was start touching my tattoos. "They scare me!" she said, but then quickly added "But yours are so pretty!"

We chatted for just a moment about tattoos and how they're mostly for tough guys, but I was so sweet. Then the show started, and we got into the topic of... Not air travel. It was my last name.

"So what is your real name?" she asked.

"It's Peacock."

She was stunned. She thought it was a pen name or an online name. She made me confirm that my parents' names were both Peacock, and that my sister's maiden name was Peacock. "That's just such a crazy name!" she asked.

"If I were to make up a name, I certainly wouldn't have made up THAT one," I replied. "You try going through Junior High with it."

We then moved on to... Not air travel, but fist fighting. "So you taught the internet how to fist fight?" she asked.

I told her the story about Wizard Magazine's offshoot publication, Dirt, pulling a horrible bait-and-switch and leaving my 13 year old, horribly bullied self feeling cheated, and how I decided to actually fulfill the promise that magazine made.

We then actually started talking air travel, and I was able to talk about how I hate people who bring horrible smelling foods and wear too much cologne. I made Drakkar jokes. The production staff were cracking up the entire time.

Then she hopped on the topic of my book, and that's what we spent the rest of the interview on. Me hitting a deer, my Wal-mart story, burning down the hooters, James Frey, Oprah, disclaimers, living your life on the internet, crazy topics, my wonderful wife... It ended up being a book interview. She had read my book.

This blew my mind. Most radio programs I've ever been on, the producer hands the talent notes, and they just go by those. They don't actually read it. Gayle read my book. She read my blog. She actually paid attention to what I'm doing.

It was fantastic. And I had a great time.

Jeremy and Tony told me that one of the production staff came back to the green room (where they were) and said, and I quote via third party, "Your friend is doing WONDERFULLY... WE LOVE HIM!" and actually squealed.

So yeah, it went well!