Sometimes, you say "Just lucky I guess" when you know fully well you worked your ass off and are very talented, and just don't want to sound like a prick.

Sometimes, you get credit for being talented and working hard and the truth is that you got lucky. Really, really lucky.

Sometimes, you're obsessed with being correct when you should be focused on being right.

Sometimes, you convince yourself you aren't good enough and don't deserve an opportunity; not because you're not good enough and you don't deserve it, but because you're scared to death of what it means when you do deserve it... And screw it up.

Sometimes, chocolated-covered chocolate things with chocolate bits in them really are better for your overall health and wellbeing than forcing a night at the gym.

Sometimes, you push me so hard that it's everything I can do not to just step aside and watch you fall on your face from the weight of your own shit.

Sometimes, you just hurt. It's not anyone's fault (not directly anyway). You. Just. Hurt.

Sometimes, you don't want to be fixed, because you know that the thing that other people see as broken, you see as the only thing that makes you not like them. 

Sometimes, I see a man wearing a patterned bow tie with a button up Oxford and khaki's, and he doesn't even have to open his mouth for me to know that I want to choke him to sleep for being such an insufferable prick.

Sometimes, she doesn't want anything from you and isn't trying to mooch a drink -- she really is flirting with you.

Sometimes, the only cure for feeling useless is to find something useful to do.

Sometimes, you want to punch the wall.

Sometimes, you hear the words coming out of your mouth and you can't believe them, and you're still saying them, and you wish you could stop and you even try, but they just keep coming and it gets worse and worse.

Sometimes, someone forgives you that you know shouldn't.

Sometimes, you stand there and you know for a fact you won't ever forgive someone, and you tell them you do anyway.

Sometimes, the joke is on you.

Sometimes, the greatest display of strength is walking away.

Sometimes, you forget every antecdote and lesson and philosophical abstract you've ever read or heard and you forget about concequences and rear back and pop someone square in the mouth, because they deserved it.

Sometimes, you deserve it.