It Is Called SELF-Esteem For A Reason

Do this:

1) Look in the mirror. Do it alone, when no one is around.

2) Look right into your own eyes.

3) Say -- ALOUD -- "I love you."

Change the language you use about yourself, at the very least in your own head. Don't self-deprecate. There are plenty enough people in the world who don't want you as competition; don't make their job easier.

Don't outsource your opinion of yourself. Listen to honest critique, but don't let it drive your own self opinion. You have the right and responsibility to believe whatever you want about yourself. So long as you recognize that agreeing with someone else's opinion about you (good or bad) is simply belief, you're free to choose what that means.

Life is too short to allow people to dictate how you feel about yourself. Losing is subjective. Wake up and realize that 90% of success is simply showing up. Don't let anyone keep you from doing that.

And for the record, cheesy or not, I'm not sorry for the motivational speech today. Some people need to hear it. I'm saying it. Sue me.