International "Share Something By Joe" Day

Whelp, it's September 15th again. You know what that means! It's...

...What? You never heard of it? Poppycock. We celebrate it every year! In fact, this is the 200th anniversary! THE BICENTENNIAL, yo! This is the day established back in 1811 to help promote the fact that I write things. Sure, it predates the advent of blogging by nearly 190 years... Hell, it predates the advent of ME by 166 years. I suppose our elders and founding fathers and the other gentry who gathered to sign the holiday into law foresaw a better world and knew that this holiday would be the sure path to getting there.

You don't believe me? Well whatever. You could always just start celebrating it today! Here's how it works:

  1. Pick your favorite thing I've written on this blog
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the entry
  3. click any of the "Share" buttons (Facebook, Twitter, email, what-have-you)
  4. Dance around in jubilation

The share buttons look like this:

Alternatively, you could link out to my books. The first book is free on Google Books, and the url is http://tinyurl.com/mibook1. The second book is on sale at Amazon, and the url is http://tinyurl.com/mibook2. Or, you could scour Mentally Incontinent and link to your favorite story there. The site is in desperate need of an overhaul though.

Or, if you're a fan of them, share the Notes to Self that you like.

So why am I suddenly bringing up International Share Something By Joe Day? Well, a longtime dot-com warrior (and a good friend), Michael, told me that I don't ask you guys enough to share things I've written.

I explained that I just assume that if something is worth sharing, you'll share it. He said that people will routinely like things and never once think to take it upon themselves to bring it up in conversation. He asked how I felt about the show The Wire, and I went on to explain just how utterly genius I think it is; that it's the best show to have ever been broadcast (even better than M*A*S*H and that's saying something). He then pointed out that the only reason he even knew I liked it is because he saw me post about it on Twitter. He was also a fan, but we never actually discussed it. As much as I love the show, I never told him about it.

I ADORE The Wire and will tell anyone with a minute to spare just how much they need to check it out. And yet, I never told this guy I've known for 12 years, about it. And why not? Because it never occurred to me.

So, yeah. If you like what you've been reading, and think others would too, please share a thing or two today. And the reason I had to get all silly with a stupid holiday with a stupid backstory is because as I sit here right now, I'm squirming from how uncomfortable it is to ask you to pimp my crap. But hey, you know me, so you know that. So.