Changing Weather and Finally Answering Letters (Hurrah!)

I have been carrying around an entire backpack pocket full of letters that you wonderful people have sent me for the better part of a month. Every time I sit down to begin replying to one, something comes up.
And usually, when people say that, what they mean is "except the times I was way too lazy to do anything whatsoever, or that time I played video games instead, or the time I got drunk, or the other time I got drunk" and so on.

But in my case -- and I think those of you reading this know this is true -- it's been day after day of continual busy-ness (I tried writing it as "business" which seems grammatically appropriate, but then it's just "business" and it wasn't all business -- there was some non-business stuff in there, but it was still busy-ness, which is the only way I can think of to write that term and have it make the kind of sense I want it to make). And since I was on a plane with no WIFI from Atlanta to Lexington this morning, I decided to (finally) get to work on replying to them.

It turns out, today is the very most perfectest day for such a thing. Nature decided to bestow upon the southeast a tropical storm, which -- when they land in September, as this one has -- tends to break the Summer and usher in an early Autumn. It's quite fortunate too. Atlanta was very near breaking the record for most days above 90 degrees. And if you've never tried it, let me assure you, trying to reply to 50+ letters during 90+ degree weather makes for a miserable experience. But then again, doing anything during 90+ degree weather is pretty much the same. It's not exclusive to letter writing. It extends to lawn work, cycling, pole vaulting... Anything except swimming, really.

And as you might be able to guess even without having tried it, swimming while writing a letter is just silly. It makes the ink run.

This weather invigorates me. It's cloudy, which is fine, because it's 58 degrees -- a cool, constant light breeze floats through the window of this quaint little college-town coffee shop (read: hipster-filled overwrought "organic" den of silliness). The smell of just-turning leaves is on the air, and the light notes of Autumn simultaneously refresh and relax me.

This is the weather God intended us all to write by. It's hard to be focused on the ills of the world when the air around you feels so wonderful. And since our official duties for Fark.com don't start until tomorrow, I figured today was the perfect day to share with you all how much I love how much you've shared with me.

So far today, I've answered letters from:

  • A girl who has never once read my blog, except for the post where I ask for letters, because a friend of hers posted that request-post in a forum she frequents. So she's using this as an opportunity to get to know a complete stranger, and purposely isn't reading anything on my blog or my books. Her letter was written on Ikea packing paper. 
  • Someone who lives less than an hour from my house -- which makes for a very intriguing commentary (or at least insight) on the modern nature of communication and relationship-building. She drew a dinosaur on the envelope, which ensured I'd answer her letter. Clever girl.
  • Several people I consider friends, who very kindly participated in my letter project, whose handwriting I've never seen -- adding a whole new dimension to knowing them.
  • A marine stationed in Afghanistan
  • A sailor stationed in Okinawa
  • Two army guys in Germany
The next one on my stack has an awesome Vision Street Wear sticker on the back. I haven't seen that logo in years. 

This whole project has made me beyond happy. I hope you all will reply to my replies, and if you haven't yet written a letter, please feel free -- it'd make my day!