A Bag Full Of Biscoff (Or, "I'm A Hit With The Flight Attendants")

You all know about my silly Rules of Air Travel post I made last week. It got linked up all kinds of places, and Huffington Post featured it on their Comedy page. I'm a little proud of that.

Well, a very notable Flight-Attendant-Turned-Author, Heather Poole (who is very talented and funny) liked it lots and Tweeted it out to her bazillions of readers. She then told me she knew a bunch of flight attendants who would love to stuff my carry-on bag with tons of first class wine. I told her I'd just settle for an aisle seat, since sitting in the middle for five hours next to a stinky woman on Tuesday really, really sucked.

So, she asked me when my next flight was, and I told her -- which she then tweeted out to all her flight attendant fans. Which I thought was very sweet (she even called me her favorite new Huffington Post writer!). So, fast forward to today, when I got on a flight and was tapped on the shoulder by a flight attendant.

"Are you Joe The Peacock on Twitter?" she asked.

"Yep!" I replied with a smile. "You must read Heather Poole!"

"I do!" she said cheerily. She told me that the flight rules post cracked her up, and she checked out the rest of my blog and saw that I adore Biscoff cookies (and screwing with mean old women who think only ex-cons have tattoos). She then gave me a stack of them.

"Wow, THANKS!" I said. She told me that she would have bumped me to first class, but it was full. I told her I didn't need that at all, the cookies and aisle seat were plenty fine.

That made me happy. And right before we landed, she brought me a bag filled with the remainder of the Biscoff cookies:

So yeah, I had a great flight today. Yay for that :)